Why Green Lights On Back Of Apple Watch? [Turn OFF/ON]

Have you ever wondered about the green light of the back of your apple watch. There is so many apple fan out there while they’re asking about the green light. Some people ask what is the green light and why does it turn on and off? how does it work to measure the blood and heart rating? some people say why is it even the only green color? In this blog i’ll explain all the question to you.

What is The Green Light On Apple Watch?

Basically green light is optical heart sensor that measures your heart rate on your apple watch. Why is it only green color and not others? It uses green because of the photos plasmography while this sound can be hard but the theory is quite simple. Our blood color is red, so it only reflects a red color and it only observes the green light and because of that this is why the main reason for using the green light for your apple watch.

Green Lights on Back of Apple Watch

How Green Light Works On Apple Watch?

To measure your blood pressure your heart in the green light blinks 100 times in a second to measure your blood flow. Flash of green light led takes snapshot and apple watch understand of your blood flow and it measures your heart. There is a situation when green light gets very brighter and sometimes it gets low. Green light gets brighter when your heart sensor can’t detect your blood flow then the light gets brighter.

Turn On Green Light On Apple Watch

Let’s me explain and quickly talk about how you can even turn on the green light on the back of your apple watch and how you even can turn it off. If you want to turn this on then you need to do a simple little work. First open up your heart application and there if you tap on the right there, then you’ll be able to see now the light gets on.

Open Up Your Heart Application For Turn On Green Lights on Back of Apple Watch

Fix Green Light Not Turning Off On Apple Watch

If you want to turn off Apple Watch Green Light, all you want to do is just get out of from settings option and just force close the application from the background of your watch and then what’s gonna happen? your light is gonna be turned off on your apple watch. If it still doesn’t work then you can simply get a force restart on your apple watch by tapping and holding the crown button and power button simultaneously, after that once your watch is going to turn on then you’ll be able to see your problem is going to be solved.

Alright so this is all about the optical sensor or the green light of your apple watch and this is how you can turn on and off the green light on the back of your apple watch and this is how you can solve the problem. Hope you found this blog useful/helpful if you think so then share this article with your friends.

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