UK: Rishi Sunak To Unveil Cost Of Living Support Package | New Targeted Support For The Poorest

In a bid to help britain so struggling with increase in cost of living. Uk finance minister rishi sunak is said to unveil a new package now. Under the cost of living new support package every household in the country will get extra money taken off their emergency bills this autumn. The chancellor said to announce additional reductions as well and scrap plans to make people pay back the amount over the coming years and to fund the move.

Sunak will announce an oil and gas windfall tax which will directly link an amount a company pays to how much they invest. This multi-billion pound package is also expected to include new targeted support for the poorest households.

Uk prime minister Boris Johnson finance minister Rishi Sunak hammered out this agreement after holding talks earlier this week. It also comes after the duo face growing pressure from waters and tory mps to act on the soaring cost of living in the country.

While details of the package not completely out yet according to british media reports one key announcement involves the energy bills debate which narc had earlier announced in february. Apart from this the treasury has agreed to dish the loan part of the deal and increase the amount from which each household will benefit.

Now this clearly means that the uk chancellor can declare that around 28 million households are getting money off their energy bills without a need to repay for it. The announcement could help downing street bounce news of revelations about lockdown breaking parties out of the headlines and turn media focus back to policy.

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