Top 10 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Do you know?. Top 10 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone!. But which top 10 apps you should use? If you don’t know then don’t worry about this I will tell you top 10 apps which should have on your phone. These applications will help you in many ways. So below is a list of the apps and a complete discussion of how these apps can help you. Please read the full blog:

  • Kitchen Stories
  • Citymapper
  • SwiftKey Keyboard
  • Meteor
  • Cake Web Browser
  • Prisma Photo Editor
  • Zombies, Run! (Free)
  • Goodreads
  • SoloLearn

1. Kitchen Stories

There are a ton of cooking apps in the Android and iOS App Store’s. Kitchen Stories offers more features than most and it’s completely free. It offers video guides and step-by-step photo instructions, how to videos that offer tips and tricks in the kitchen, an easy-to-use search. You can also save your favorite recipes and create automatically generated shopping lists I personally don’t use this app or any other cooking app but a friend of mine highly recommends kitchen stories claiming it’s better than yummly or the other competitors.

Install Kitchen Stories - Recipes & Cooking App From Google Play Store

2. Citymapper

Citymapper is not your typical map and navigation app. It includes transit maps for big cities around the world. Which is useful if you live in or plan to visit one of the cities they cover in their app. It lists the transit options including bus trains and ride-sharing services. The best place to start is to tap on get me some where. You can just use your save locations here. So you can say I’m coming from Griffith Park going into the Staples Center. At the top it will show you how long it will take you to walk or bike to your location below that and suggested it will show you the fastest routes combining all the services available in that area. Example: it looks like right now that the combination of two bus routes is the quickest. So if you tap on that option it will show you a map of that route below the map is. Where the app really shines it lists detailed step-by-step instructions to get you. Where you need to go you would just need to tap on the Go button in the upper right. When you’re ready to start your trip.

Install Citymapper Directions For All Your Transport App From Google Play Store

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

When compared with the stock keyboards for Android and iOS SwiftKey is a step above. Its powerful artificial intelligence learns your riding style along with autocorrect and predictive text. Swift key takes a while to get familiar with but the more you use it. The better it gets it wasn’t that long ago that themes used to cost extra. All the extras including themes are now completely free in their themes gallery. There are dozens of themes to choose from to change the appearance of your keyboard.

Install Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App From Google Play Store

4. Meteor

You have used online speed test apps. Meteor will be your favorite completely free and there are no ads like its speed test contests. Meteor is easy to use. When you are done installing Blue Monster on the left side of the screen informs you of the color scheme used. listed below is the app performance section that tries to let you know how well your apps and games will work based on your connection speed.

Install Meteor App From Google Play Store

5. Cake Web Browser

For a while this centric browser has very cool unique features. When you start the app it will list the best now. Has built in privacy mode. Private scanning below opens us to search and tap the merge button. Cake shows the most relevant page while others upload in the background. Swipe from right displays pages of other search results. You can still see the traditional search list by swiping from the left while doing the search above the keyboard there are buttons that will start searching for video images News and purchase. In the cake browser settings menu you can customize search results and turn on or off pop-up blocking and ad blocking.

Install Cake Web Browser-Free VPN, Fast, Private, Adblock App From Google Play Store

6. Prisma Photo Editor

There are tons of image filtering apps to choose from instead of using standard filters. Prisma Photo Editor uses the styles of famous artists to create unique images. It would not be easy to use. After selecting your image there are several filters available for free. With more access to their paid service. To touch a filter will change your image. When you’re done you can download the image or share it with others.

Install Prisma Photo Editor App From Google Play Store


It works with more than 600 apps to create applets. That combine services to perform many functions. How it works is that you create recipes spread across a wide range of devices and services including social networking apps weather apps smart home devices like Google home and Amazon, Alexa and so much more. Creating a recipe is simple. When you launch the app select the my applets icon in the lower right then select the plus icon in the upper right tap on this first you need to select a trigger service. Go with Weather Underground at the top choose a trigger. Select current temperature drops below. This one requires a temperature. So input 60 degrees Fahrenheit and tap on create trigger. Now you need to decide what happens when the temperature drops below 60 degrees. Now tap on that for this to change the color of lights. So you’ll need to find Philips hue in this list. Select an action go with change color when the temperature drops below 60. If you want your lights to turn blue. You just need to enter that where it says color value or name and then tap on create action. In the applet preview it will show you the recipe you created. When you’re done select finish. That’s all there is to it. It will then let you know that your applet is turned on and give you other recommendations with so many possibilities.

Install IFTTT App From Google Play Store

8. Zombies, Run! (Free)

If you are a runner. These zombies work the app transforms your exercise into a survival battle. Designed to mimic a zombie attack. After installing your headphones and you are ready to go. On the home screen of their app select to start your next mission. At the bottom of the screen will show you how much work this is. In this case the mission are 35 minutes and then you will touch the first button of the mission. The journeys are divided into four available seven seasons with lots of equipment. Within each season so there is a ton of content available within this app. Zombies run is free and offers in-app purchases with additional features. Including ad free missions.

Install Zombies, Run! (Free) App From Google Play Store

9. Goodreads

After surviving a zombie attack to lower your heart rate. You may want to read a good book. Goodreads offers book recommendations based on your favorite books. First you start this free app to get started. You have the option to rate books and categories. Goodreads home screen will show you popular or moving books forward. If you see a book you would like to read just tap on what you want to read next to the book and it will add to my bookcase section. Selecting my books at the top will show you the books you have just read and the books you would like to read. If you select the menu icon at the top left your friends but the category I find most useful recommendations. Here you can see letters recommended for you based on your previous ratings.

Install Goodreads App From Google Play Store

10. SoloLearn

One of the absolute best apps for learning the basics of programming is solo learn. On the Google Play Store it says that it offers in-app purchases which is incorrect. On the Apple App Store they have it listed correctly as being free in the Solo learn app. There are several languages to choose from including JavaScript C++ Python Ruby and several others. According to the best languages to learn based on average developer salary in the US are Ruby Python and C++ . To begin one of the coding courses on solo learn. Just select one of the topics listed. It’s best on any of these to start with the basic concepts here at the top. As you complete each lesson the next one will open up for you.

Install SoloLearn Learn To Code for Free App From Google Play Store

So I hope all the apps discussed above will help you in many ways. You just need to download and then install these apps on your Phone and then you can use this apps for your needs without any problem.

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