Texas School Shooting: Tributes Pour In For The Young Victims | Calls For Gun Control Grow Louder

Now a day after the united states witnessed its second deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade. More details about the attack itself have now come to light. Even as tribute for the young victims poured in from not only across america but the world.

More information has emerged on the shooter salvador ramos, he bought his first assault rifle a day after he turned 18. A week later he walked into a local primary school and killed 19 children and two of their teachers. He said to have been bullied and had a history of self-harm. According to metta ramos who is a school dropout with no previous criminal history had message on facebook that he first planned to attack his grandmother who survived but is currently in critical condition. He then messaged again saying an elementary school was his next target, he was shot by law enforcement officers who arrived at the school in response to a report of the shooter’s crashed vehicle.

Meanwhile tributes have been pouring in for the victims. Most of whom were fourth graders aged 10 years old heartbreaking details of the victims emerged as the families took to social media to share their memories.

A young boy who loved to dance, a girl who had been awarded the honor roll certificate for her grades hours before the shooting.

Siria Arizmendi ( Aunt of Victims Eliahna Garcia ) said: She was very happy and very outgoing loved to dance and sing and play sports. She was big into family enjoyed being with the family. I just don’t understand how people could sell that type of a gun to a kid to an 18 year old Like what is he gonna use it for but for that purpose.

School has been cancer in the rest of the district even though there were only two days left of the school year. The residents of the sleepy town of you all day are still coming to terms with the incident.

Rosie Buantel (Unvalde Resident ) said: It’s just really sad that we have to go through this. I’m saddened by that, i’m angry at our government for not doing more about you know gun control.

Meanwhile US President Joe Biden said: that he plans to travel to uwalde texas in the coming days to console the victims families. Speaking after he signed an executive order on police reform on the two-year anniversary of george floyd.

US president joe biden said: he was sick and tired of such incidents and once again called for reforms to the country’s gun laws.

US president joe biden said: Well they clearly will not prevent every tragedy we know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact on the second amendment. Second amendment is not absolute, when it was passed you couldn’t own, you couldn’t own a cannon, you couldn’t own certain kinds of weapons. It’s just always been limitations but guess what these actions we’ve taken before they save lives, they can do it again, the idea that an 18 year old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war designed and marketed to kill, is i think just wrong it just violates common sense, even the manufacturer, the inventor of that weapon, Thought that as well.

While tuesday tragedy has once again reignited debates on gun control, just how far the government can go to control access to firearms remains one of the most important issues in the united states as of now.

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