Sony XBR65X850F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

Overview With Pros And Cons

Sony’s XBR65X850F series is one of the most popular 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs on the market and it is also one of the company’s finest. But with so many excellent models to choose from, how do you know which will be the best choice for you? This Sony XBR65X850F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review will break down the positives and negatives to give you a better idea of whether or not this TV is right for your needs.

Sony television panels are sometimes on the pricier end of the spectrum and if you’ve been considering one in your home, you might be wondering if there’s a newer model than what is currently available. Ask yourself if you can live without some of the more premium features that come with newer models to save money and enjoy plenty of amazing picture quality. What you sacrifice in added perks, you can easily make up for in terms of saving some cash when looking at the X850F.

You’ve probably read other reviews on what you think is the current version of this TV, the XBR55X850G , but chances are that it’s actually the previous generation X850F. That may not seem like a big deal, but it’s actually quite significant. You see, while the newer X850G has certainly seen its fair share of upgrades, many people won’t notice the difference because they already have a TV that already serves their needs superbly.

Though 4K has been a growing trend for the past few years, and certainly there have been cuts made in prices, it is still the case that 4K TVs are pretty expensive compared to their Full HD counterparts.

When it comes to Sony’s, you’re probably best off sticking with the company’s premium line, known as Sony XBR. These TVs are aimed at bing enthusiasts who want to spend a good chunk of money on a fantastic home theater. If that sounds like you, then the X850F is what you want. It’s the best-in-class when it comes to Sony 4K HD televisions, and it features more premium than any other TV in its class — even if competition is coming from some of its own family members.

For all the features that Sony’s latest X850F series brings to the table, the 65-inch XBR65X850F is strangely missing quite a few. Features such as Acoustic Surface sound technology and support for a wide color gamut have been left out. On one hand, this saves the costs, allowing them to lower the price of the it — on the other, it’s an annoying omission that makes buying this model a little bit less attractive in comparison to its newer siblings. However, there just may be enough here to justify buying it thanks to a veritable suite of features and overall picture quality that beat out most of its competitors — at least for now.

If you’ve been considering a new TV upgrade for your home, then checking out the XBR65X850F might be a good idea. While this TV isn’t the latest and greatest from Sony, it is quite nice, bringing with it very good picture quality along with exceptional sound and startlingly cheap pricing.

The 65-inch XBR65X850F offers an outstanding picture for the price, making it a perfect contender for your living, media or family room.

What We Like:
  • Size ratio is perfect for this price
  • Clean amazing design
  • Perfect audio and picture in one package
What We Don’t Like:
  • Dull black performance
  • Side angle viewing is not great
  • Contrast ratio is not so good


Brand Name:Sony
Model Number:XBR65X850F
Model Year:2018
Part Number:XBR65X850F
Standing screen display size:65 Inches
Total USB Ports:‎3
Batteries Included:Yes
Batteries Required:‎Yes
Battery cell composition:‎Lithium Ion
Wattage:196 watts
Refresh Rate:120
Wireless Type:802.11g 802.11n, 802.11b
Hardware Interface:HDMI,USB
Scanner Resolution:4K
Mounting Hardware:XBR65X850F
Number Of Items:1
Display Type:‎LED
Colour Screen:‎No
Image Aspect Ratio:16:9
Resolution:‎2160p (4K)
Audio Output Mode:Stereo
Has Self Timer:Yes
Remote Control Included?:No
Connector Type:USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi
Includes Rechargeable Battery:No
Supports Bluetooth Technology:Yes
Item model number:XBR65X850F
Product Dimensions:156.36 x 20.02 x 84.79 cm; 29.48 Kilograms

Design: Standard Sony

In terms of design and aesthetics, the Sony XBR65X850F is a little bit different from some of the other models series. You won’t see a lot of metal nor even aluminum. Instead, this model has been constructed almost entirely with plastic. This design choice helps the TV match up a bit better with some of your more premium choices. It’s also a good way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any fingerprints or smudges. Although the exterior of this model covers most of the front end, there are still a few ports you will need to check out on the backside of your set.

If you’re on the lookout for a new 4K TV, you can’t go wrong with it. This massive set packs in a lot of excellent features for only a few hundred dollars more than the TVs typically found at major retailers.

Design-wise, Sony XBR65X850F really doesn’t offer up anything too different from other 4K HDR sets. You essentially get what you’d expect from a modern 4K UHD TV – a simple stand and some clean lines. The screen itself is stretched out and has a nice thin bezel that should flaunt itself based on your particular viewing setup.

The back of the unit is entirely matte black plastic with the exception of the bottom which contains the VESA wall mount holes. The ports are spread out over two areas: a cluster facing right side of the TV, and VESA mount port cluster on the back. This might be annoying if you hoped to get this TV super close to a wall, but most people will use these ports anyways (HDMI, power cable) so it’s not too big a deal.

While the back of the TV is pretty basic, it’s organized well. Overall, the back is matte black plastic with a little bit of texture so that it doesn’t feel like a piece of glass.

Designed as an affordable alternative to more expensive 4K HDR set’s that include Google Chromecast, It is going to catch a lot of people’s attention. It has plenty to offer and the price tag is far more friendly then some of the other offerings on the market. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking towards a lower cost option in 4k televisions with built in Chromecast capabilities.

Image Quality: Impressive 4K for IPS with Few shortcomings

I can tell you from my own experience that the image quality of Sony XBR65X850F is just as it should be. I’ve had it for about 1-2 month and I have nothing to complain about. One reason the image has become my favorite is the 4K upscaling technology that it has. It is really handy to use when you have some old VHS tapes lying around, but you want to enjoy the new technology. At times when I watch video games, or movies, they are playing flawlessly. You see, every single pixel on the screen is vibrant and colorful.

The image quality produced by Sony XBR65X850F TV is really, really good. The contrast ratio is incredible, the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and it’s super easy to set up. We’ve been enjoying our time spent with it. If you’re looking for a new 4K smart TV during this holiday season, this one should be at the top of your list.

If you are looking for it to watch all your favorite films, then this is the right time to buy Sony XBR65X850F. It has been officially released in the market and it is available at an affordable cost. It has some outstanding features that prove its uniqueness among other brands.

This tv uses the IPS panels but they are known for having issues with backlight bleed and black uniformity, which can be a cause for clouding around edges. Picture quality is where the X850F is at its best. In particular, it’s a terrific choice for fans of wide viewing angles and anyone looking for a bright high-contrast picture. But HDR is an area where it’s get a decent marks.

It has great image quality, especially if you are a gamer or like to watch action movies and TV shows. While watching content, we did not experience a lot of motion blur or stuttering (120Hz refresh rate), which is a big help for a TV in this price range. The response time on this is excellent, so your picture won’t be blurred while watching fast-paced games or scenes the way they were meant to be watched.

Audio Quality: Distorted But Loud

Blasting music through the built-in speakers on an HDTV is never going to deliver great audio quality, but if you’ve got a setup with no external sound system, it’s nice to have some kind of audio option. With the it, Sony has included a soundbar that adds some much-needed volume and clarity.

The first thing to mention is that the built-in audio system will get quite loud, but there are some hiccups in the sound if you need it at full volume. The sounds great at mid-range volumes and not so great once you pass certain thresholds.

The built-in are never going to be ideal. You’d be better off with external speakers, but if you’re lacking in setups, the ones here won’t disappoint.

The XBR65X850F’s built-in speakers are, how do you say, not great? I honestly wouldn’t recommend doing too much with these built-ins. They get plenty loud and can fill a big room with sound, but the audio quality is pretty poor. And that is especially true if you’re turning up the volume to fill an entire house or apartment.

So, built-in soundbar aren’t going to blow you away. They’re usually small in size, produce low-quality sound at high volumes, and are just plain tough to get excited about — but they do have their moments. I wouldn’t recommend relying on them as the primary form of audio output (unless you have no other choice), but they do come in pretty handy at times.

Software: A little Bit Lazy But Good Enough

Android TV is a great platform, but it’s slow to roll out updates. Many TVs are still stuck with older versions, If you’re an Android TV user, you may have noticed a new update available for your device lately. In fact, many of you may have already updated and are enjoying the new features and security patches Google has been pushing to Android TV devices of late.

If you’ve got an Android device, there’s a good chance you’re running an older version of the platform. This isn’t necessarily bad. Older versions of Android often have some benefits, like not forcing apps to run in picture-in-picture mode. But if you want to get all the features that new devices support, you won’t be able to access them without the latest update.

Despite some shortcomings, the UI is easy to use, with all your available content being displayed in a nice menu. The menu itself is responsive too. What really shocked me was the amazing user experience. It might well be the best UI I’ve ever encountered on a smart device, Also it’s not cluttered with ads. I’m pretty happy with my overall experience. For one thing, the interface is fairly straightforward and simple to use.

Price: Not Bad For The Screen Size, And Also Not The Cheapest

The original price of the X850F series 65-inch model was $1300 although we recommend you to check the real price on their official website or at amazon because of the up and down prices. However, 65-inches isn’t as big as some other TV models out there, so if you want as big of a screen as possible, you’re going to have to spend at least some more money. You can bump your screen up to 85 inches which is maybe $4000.

The Sony X850F series comes in a number of sizes. The prices vary for each TV and so does the features list. We are taking a look at the 65-inch model here which is the smaller one in this series, but you can check out the others on Sony’s website to see if they work best for your space.

The 65-inch are the lowest price right now, and that’s the low end of the whole range. The distinction here is affordability — the other series aren’t nearly as affordable. So if you want a big TV from Sony without breaking the bank, this is a pretty good deal.

They are one of the most popular TV brands out there, and that’s for a good reason. Their products are high-quality and very feature-rich — sometimes even packed with more in-depth features than the competition. That said, if you go with a Sony product, you get exactly what it says on the box: Sony products typically deliver a solid experience that’s worth your hard-earned money.

Setup Process: Follow the on-screen instructions

Every modern smart TV has a setup process, and the good news is that all you need to do is stick to the on-screen instructions for things to go smoothly. This means you can go ahead and tear off the plastic film, plug in the power cable, and turn on the device. Setting up your new smart TV is easier than you think. You probably just have to read the on-screen instructions and turn it on.

Setting up your new TV might seem like a scary process, but it shouldn’t be. With modern-day smart TVs, you have built-in features, guides and apps that make setting up it very simple. Once you see that your TV is ready to go, you may want to consider buying some accessories for it so that you can enjoy it with more comfortably.

So you’ve just bought yourself a new one and you want to get it all set up and working. That’s great, because there’s very little work involved in setting up it today. Most TVs are smart these days and they connect to the internet by themselves, so they can receive software updates straight away. All you really have to do is turn them on, put them into pairing mode if that’s necessary, and follow the instructions on screen.

First and foremost, I have to mention that the setup process for this Sony XBR65X850F Android TV was a pleasant and easy experience. Connecting to the internet, setting up and connecting with my Google account was all seamless and painless. With my previous television, it took me about 1 hour to be watching something. With this one, I was on my home page in 5 minutes.

When the primary process done, you will need to start a quick update check. If you’re wondering what all these updates are doing, don’t worry – you’re completely normal and justified in wanting to know. For the most part, these updates are going to be updating the firmware for Android TV, which handles the core functionality of your device. There can sometimes be system updates or software patches too, but those aren’t quite as common. please remember when the update is running, don’t unplug the power.

Final Verdict

The Sony XBR65X850F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is far from perfect, It may not win any awards, but will deliver an amazing performance. Its flaws are easily forgivable given the price and it’s more than capable of providing a pleasurable viewing experience. However, there are probably better options out there that can be had for less money.

If you are looking for a gorgeous big screen 4K UHD device for your living room, then it is going to be a hard one to beat. It’s not totally perfect, but it has some of the best picture quality we’ve seen on a TV in this price range, which makes it easy to recommend.

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