Fixed: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Bluetooth Connection issues! [Pairing Problems]

In this blog we’re going to talk about the bluetooth issue on samsung galaxy a8 tab. While using your samsung galaxy a8 tab you can have a different type of bluetooth problem, well some people says that their device, when they just try to search for other device their other device is not being able to detect by their samsung galaxy a8 tab.

Some people say that device is not connecting or maybe it’s keep connecting but not get connected or it has a frequent disconnection issue. Now if you have any problem like i said earlier in this blog, then don’t worry let me go ahead and tell you some ways to solve your problem.

Solution 1: Force Restart

The first things I am going to talk about is just giving a forced restart on your samsung galaxy a8 tab. Now if you’re going to go ahead and do it then what’s going to happen? The monitor box will just if it’s happened to be on your device this is going to remove.

Solution 2: Restart All Network Connection

Now after giving a force restart, if you still have the problem on your device, then the next thing that you want to do is just go ahead and swap down from the top and enable the aeroplane mode. If you enabled airplane mode! then what’s going to happen? you’ll be able to see now your wifi and bluetooth is going to be turned off. Now all you want to do is wait about some time and then turn it back off and see whether your problem is solved or not.

Enable The Aeroplane Mode On Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Solution 3: Unpair then Pair Device

If you still have the problem, then the next option that you want to choose from, just open up your settings on your samsung device and then just tap on connection then tap on bluetooth and choose the device. Now just go ahead and tap on the gear option, and tap on unpair and your devices is going to be unpaired from your device. Now just go ahead and grab your device and open up the case and now just try to reconnect it once again to your device to see if that works or not. Now if you see still you’re not being able to connect your device with your samsung galaxy a8 tab. Follow the next step.

Choose Bluetooth Option On Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
Tap Unpair Option On Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Solution 4: Reset Bluetooth Device

The next option that you want to choose from, you want to just do a little work around with the device that you’re trying to connect. Now for example i have a bit studio, now if you have any other device it can be a console or any other wireless headphone just go ahead and reset the device by pressing any button. And then you’ll be able to see your problem with result and you’ll be able to use your device once again with your samsung galaxy a8 tab.

Solution 5: Reset All Settings

Now even after resetting your device if you still have the same problem. Then here the last but not least thing that you can do, you can do a little more advanced troubleshooting process for your samsung galaxy A8 tab by giving your reset all settings. And if you’re going to do it, you want to open up your settings. Then scroll down to your general management and then tap on reset choose reset all settings now tap reset settings and then enter your pin to confirm it.

General Management And Reset Option On Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
Reset All Settings Option On Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

After that you’ll be able to solve your problem and your all the splitted other device will be able to connect it with your samsung galaxy A8 tab. Hope you find this blog useful, if you think so then share it with your other friends and stay with us for more.

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