News: Riyadh Hit By Second Sandstorm In A Week | Sandstorms Pose Serious Risk To Human Health

Riyadh has been hit by a second sandstorm in less than a week. Enabling iraq people are still reporting respiratory issues. What exactly is happening in west asia. In recent weeks sandstorms have engulfed west asia. A phenomena common to the region but not at this degree. Climate change has exasperated the entire situation.

Saudi Arabia’s capital has been hit by a second sandstorm in less than a week. Dust obscured riyadh’s iconic buildings and the health of the city’s people is at grave risk. In neighboring iraq about eight sandstorms have blanketed the country since mid-april. In recent weeks apocalyptic orange skies became the new normal.

At least four thousand people are facing respiratory issues. This is on top of the five thousand treated for similar ailments earlier this month. Iraq is classified as one of the world’s five countries most vulnerable to climate change and desertification.

Iran kuwait and united arab emirates haven’t been spared either. According to the world meteorological organization sandstorms have affected a total of 150 countries and regions. Further impacting environment health and economy. Strong winds leave large amounts of sands and dust into the atmosphere that can then travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers.

The fine dust particles can cause health problems like asthma and cardiovascular ailments. This can even make healthy people sick who have no history of diseases. As i said climate change is turning common weather phenomena into a crisis but let’s decode it what is exactly making sandstorms so intense.

The trend has been associated with overuse of river water more dams overgrazing and deforestation and the increase in frequency is due to soil degradation intense droughts rainfall overgrazing deforestation and overuse of river water all related to climate change.

Currently the entire region is distracted blind to the long-term threat of climate change but ignoring it will not make the climate crisis go away. Climate change will have to be higher up on the agenda.

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