Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

You may be a passionate games freak and want to make your gaming experience comfortable. To achieve this you can go for Logitech G602 lag-free wireless gaming mice that offers you full comfort while playing games and gives you a lag-free experience. With this device, you can enjoy your gaming sessions without having to deal with lags that are caused due to slow internet connection.

G602 Wireless Mouse is the ultimate device that’s been designed to keep you in the playing no matter how long it goes. This mice has been made with performance in mind, and so you get a level of speed and precision that other mice couldn’t even dream about.

In our daily life, we have to perform all kinds of different tasks using sophisticated and modern tools. And the Logitech G602 not only provides the best possible solutions to your gaming related problems; it also makes your day to day activities easy.

I have tested a lot of mice in the past and till now I have found Logitech to be the best. I was about to buy new mice for my new desktop but due to some reasons, I have decided to keep looking for a better device. Now after going through lots of mice reviews, I got Logitech G602 that meets my needs and requirements.

Logitech, which has revolutionized the industry with their products has done it once again with the launch of Logitech G602. Though wireless device was launched much earlier in the market, but they were not good giving a lot of problems like lags and errors during usage.

The wireless technology is getting more popular in all over the world. With this new advanced technology, we feel more comfortable using wireless devices. One of the best products that have introduced to us in the market is Logitech G602. It is a popular device with many features that make it stand out from the competitors. This product has been highly rated by a number of customers around the world.

When it comes to playing, one of the most important things is lag-free experience. No user wants to play a serious game in which he is unable to deliver benefits to his team because of lags. With G602 you can eradicate all the kind of problems which result from internet connectivity. The mouse is the most-important part of a gaming gear. Considering the above, this wireless device by Logitech has to be superb in all aspects to make a user’s life easier and comfortable.

The G602 Lag-Free device is one of the most favorite gaming peripherals available in the market. It is a wireless mice developed by Logitech. Its unique feature of anti-lag provides a lag free experience to the users. With its full comfort, accurate low latency and convenient controls it is indeed considered as one of the best device available in the market today.

This device is a quite affordable as compared to its competitors. This mouse offers you superior wireless features/options that provide you the quickness and accuracy in your play.

Whether you are new to PC gaming or a veteran who has been gaming for many years, a good and comfortable mouse can make a huge difference in your experience. Lags caused by a slow internet connection, can ruin your fun.

Logitech G602 is a great device for playing. That’s why it’s one of the favorites among gamers. It is comfortable and pretty well designed, so you will enjoy using it. It’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable weight putting pressure on your hand during long playing sessions.

Every player has a device and most of them are after for responsiveness. A responsive playing device is the prerequisite for a great experience. When it comes to this matter Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse is the best choice because of some advanced features that make it outstanding from the existing competitive mice available in the market. If you are also looking for a responsive mice then you should go through this G602  review before taking any decision about your next best playing device.

It is designed for playing purpose. This one fits in all kinds of hand sizes. It comes with a dual prediction gaming sensor that gives you the best experience during playing sessions. With this, there will always be no lags, no matter what kind of connection you are using.

This is the best for PC or laptop user’s. It offers the durable and long lasting usage system that doesn’t make your hands get tired. The most important thing about this device is that it never displays any kind of lag connections during the play sessions. With its ultra-fast response time and unparalleled lag free connectivity, you cannot ask more from a mouse.

Logitech is a well known brand when it comes to the manufacturing of different types of hardware devices. Well, you all might have heard about the different types of mice that are available in the market like Logitech G502 Proteus Core mouse or G100s, but if you’re planning to buy a lag-free wireless mice then there is no other brand in this category except for Logitech.

Logitech is one of the leading gadgets provider in the market. The company has been giving good products and accessories to user’s since a long time ago. G602  is one great example of a product that delivers what it promises. With this wireless device you will be having fine experience while playing your favorite games on PC.

Logitech G602 is a device with accurate laser sensor that allows you to play your pc without any problem. Its built-in USB Nano receiver fits conveniently into your PC and gives a lag-free experience. Logitech G602’s lightweight body has contoured left and right buttons which offers a comfortable grip for long hours of playing. It supports a maximum resolution of 2500 DPI and 500Hz polling rate, which is quite good enough for players looking for something that can fight for accuracy.

There are many other wireless mice available on the market. But there is a major difference between the Logitech G602 and the others. It provides you with both accuracy and comfort when playing/working. This features also help you to improve your skills. The Logitech G602 gives you an error-free experience without any connectivity issues.

This mouse permits you to play your games with accuracy. The device includes the amazing micro gear wheel that can be used for speedier web navigation. This wireless device is designed especially for those who wish to play on a regular basis. This wireless device is a superb investment choice for your needs. Its lightweight design paired with customizability makes it the best gift you can give to yourself.

It is a great choice when it comes to playing your favourite laptop/pc. The click and scroll wheel are very sensitive and give you great control making you feel directly involved.

It’s hard to enjoy your playing when your device stutters or stops and starts unexpectedly. The Logitech G602 features advanced gaming-grade wireless technology that gives you zero lag or interference for reliable, accurate performance. It is equipped with the Logitech gaming-grade Delta Zero sensor technology that can help you to play without the need of any kind of additional software.

It has a good battery life, and it comes with huge hours of its battery. It is a fun device you should have. It is also very affordable with its price starting at under $130. This mouse has been around for a while already with its first release on the year 2013. It then got better over time with new features added in the latest version of this wireless mouse. The new Logitech G602 lag-free wireless gaming mouse is for both first-person shooter (FPS) and role-playing (RPGs).

Logitech is one of the leading brands. They have a variety of game-driven designs and products that help take your experience to a whole new level. If you are into playing then you must be in search for a right mouse that fits all of your needs. Here is a review of one such mouse from Logitech.

This is very useful for both professionals and casual users. It is a fully programmable that can be programmed to as many as 11 buttons. You will get good feature in this wireless device which will help you to win.

One of the most respected brands in the industry. It has already brought us numerous superb products that have brought a lot of success to gamers and helped them win the play. Logitech mouse is yet another addition to this list of excellent peripherals. This is specifically designed for the user’s who play on consoles as well as on their PCs. I myself am a hardcore player and I thoroughly enjoy playing with a particular set of mouse. I had been using Razer DiamondBack from the past 3 years but recently it went kaput. The question popped up in my mind that which one should be my next mouse. I did a lot of research and finally landed here, writing this review for you.

It has a Delta Zero sensor technology which allows you to have accurate clicks while playing, giving you a lag-free experience. It also eliminates the need for any kind of additional software which is always a plus especially for me. I hate installing unnecessary and unwanted programs onto my computer and this mouse solves that problem perfectly. Logitech G602 has an impressive battery life which would definitely satisfy those players out there.

Sometimes it’s not enough to be comfortable sitting for hours in front of your computer. You need a little help too. That’s why you need a mouse – something that will properly respond to your movements and give you more control over your work. That’s what I was looking for in G602 Wireless device, because wireless mice are the best when it comes to accuracy and laser sensors are usually a good choice. It is said to have the accuracy of wired mouse and the freedom of a wireless device. It’s aimed at people who are serious user’s like me. With this, I don’t have to remain close to my PC in order for it to work flawlessly. Instead, I can play from anywhere in my house as long as it is connected with my PC wirelessly.

There are times when we feel frustrated because of our wireless device. When the cursor is not at the correct point, it hinders the play. But G602 gives you a lag-free experience that makes your move more efficient.

It is a great gift for people who love to play and need to have an edge over their competitors. This mouse comes with a precise sensor that will detect your every move in your favorite play. You will get the freedom from any kind of software and enjoy playing.

This is very affordable because it only costs about under $130 (or less on Amazon). Logitech has always been known to give us the best electronics equipment. This new device has an sensor which can move at amazing speeds and tracks up to great meters of distance. It also has a special adjustable DPI setting that would let you change its sensitivity level. Unlike other regular mice, the G602 features 11 buttons that are fully programmable using a software named Logitech Gaming Software and can be easily installed on your computer.

This is designed for comfort, so you will not experience finger cramps or fatigue for long periods of playing. It also has adjustable weight system which gives you freedom and control over the weight of this device. The solidly constructed mouse is made from a combination of plastic and rubber-coating for durability and solid grip. Another reason that makes it a good choice for playing is its ability to handle extreme temperatures. It can be used in different kinds of surfaces without any problems.

I hate it when I try to navigate from different programs and accidentally click something that I didn’t mean to. This mouse saves you from those moments because it prevents you from scrolling when you want to click. You can use the programmable button on the side of the mouse to max out your experience with this feature.

I love working on a number of different programs at the same time. This means that I have to keep switching my mouse between my keyboard and computer. I’ve found that this switching is incredibly annoying, especially if you work with large documents or multiple tabs. The issue is even worse when your device can’t keep up with the number of things you need it to do.

The G602 is an amazing wireless device designed for computers, laptops and also Mac systems. It features twin wireless connectivity, meaning it’s capable of working on both Windows and Mac systems. It’s also the best mice for any type of online play you may be playing.

One of the best features of this mice is the ability to save profiles and have them instantly load on startup. I play a lot of different video games, so this feature is handy for switching disciplines quickly. I’ve picked up mapping keys to the DPI adjustment as well. This allows me to switch the device sensitivity on the fly.

Being able to comfortably use your mouse all day is important in the workplace. It’s even more important if you use your mice for playing purposes. The G602 will help to ensure that overuse of the mice hand won’t result in pain or damage and even help reduce pain that might already be developing.

This is one of the best device that you must have if you are into serious playing. This device is well-researched and well-designed for user’s. This device has a Delta Zero sensor technology that allows you to play freely without any interruption. This device also comes with its own software so you can customize and set it up according to your game preferences. The software will make it easier for the device to read commands from your fingers smoothly and quickly.

If you’re a hardcore player like me, then you will surely appreciate a high performance mouse. The G602 is an affordable high-end device. It features 2500 DPI and 1000 Hz USB report rate for tracking impeccably on most surfaces. The wireless connectivity makes it a lot easier to move while playing because it allows you to plug in the receiver into your gaming desktop instead of carrying the huge mouse around with you all over the place. The customizable weight cartridge can be used to add or remove up to small grams from your mouse.

For those who are looking for a quality device that will be able to handle the stress of heavy duty use, this may be a good option. It is an updated version of Logitech G602 as well as Logitech G502 with an enhanced 5.8 GHz connection that offers lag and interference-free experience. The best part about this product is that it has 11 programmable buttons, which is what most people need in a gaming mice.

I’m a hardcore player and spend hours playing every day in my spare time. Over the years, I’ve tried all types of mice; including the mice made by Microsoft (which was awesome). But since it’s not wireless, I had to keep my back on my computer desk just so I will have a comfortable view of the screen. After searching for the best wireless gaming mice without any luck, I finally found what I’ve always wanted; thanks to Logitech G602 mice.

You should not hesitate to get this wonderful device. It will make your life easier, as it is ergonomically shaped and you can use it every time for an extended period of time.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Pros and Cons Review

The G602 is an awesome wireless device that’s perfect for most needs. It’s a high end device that gives you the precision you need in your FPS or any other types of plays – and at the same time, gives you a very comfortable experience even with long hours of playing.

This wireless device is a gaming beast in disguise. It offers all the features that you’d get from a much more expensive device but has the price range of everyday mice.

The best part about this device is that it has everything you would expect from a high-end mice. It is a device that is meant for use with consoles and computers. While it may seem like a wired mouse, it runs on wireless technology and is recognized by all the computers and gaming consoles that you can play on.

This is an affordable mouse. It’s not really cheap, but it’s not as expensive as most of the high-end mice out on the market today such as the Mad Katz. But even though it’s priced a little higher than most ordinary mice, it still gives you a great value for your money. Let’s look at some of the great features of this mouse and see why it deserves to be considered when looking for a wireless gaming mouse under $130.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual user, you deserve more than just a basic. You shouldn’t have to deal with any slow reaction times or lag time when using your mouse or any device for that matter.

So if you’re looking for a mice that will have an amazing battery life, lift off distance, smooth gliding buttons, and a quality left or right handed experience, the Logitech G602 is the mice for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Battery Life.
  • User Friendly Body.
  • Price Is Great.
  • Comfortable Design (Right-Handed).
  • Great Button Placement For Amazing DPI Switching.
  • Multiple Thumb Buttons Provide Macros And Custom Control.
  • Sleek Design.
  • On board memory for saving preferences.
  • Comfortable thumb test
  • Customizable, Convenient Button Layout.
  • Not Have So Many Buttons According To Cost Or Compared To Other Gaming Mice.
  • No Rechargeable Or Wired Option.
  • Software Is For Only Windows.
  • Uncomfortable For Left-Handed Gamers.

Logitech has been constantly releasing some of the world’s most affordable and yet precision grade playing mice in the market. Their G series line of mice are among one of their best models. With its stunning features and excellent performance, the G602 is considered by many professional players as one of their go-to devices whenever they are playing.

If you’re a gamer looking to buy a new mouse, then chances are that you’ll be browsing the market for one. We all want a device that will give us precision and accuracy but it doesn’t hurt if it does come with extra features.

The G602 is the latest new offering from Logitech and it’s making waves in the gaming community, now you can read our review to find out why it’s such a popular choice.

Logitech G602 Key Features

  • Delta Zero sensor technology.
  • 11 Programmable Buttons.
  • Endurance And Performance.
  • Quick DPI shifting.
  • Design Is Comfortable.
  • Battery Life is Enduring.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Specification

Wireless Type:5.8 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11a/b/g/n
Series:Logitech G602 Mouse
Model Number:910-003820
Operating System:Windows 10
Weight:8.1 ounces
Product Dimensions:5.47 x 3.27 x 1.73 inches
Power Source:Battery Powered
Batteries:1 CR2 batteries required
Date First Available:August 27, 2013

Why You Should Buy This Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse?

A monstrous battery life:

This G602 device is powerful and robust, ready to take on pro players and other hardened users. It has a lot of flexibility, and the price is reasonable for what you get. The battery life is also important, because you want comfort and speed in a mice that is rechargeable. The charging options are easy to understand, and the battery life lasts for many hours. This makes it easy to use this device for long periods without worrying about the battery running out.

If you use a mice for working, you use it a lot. You might be playing for hours on end or just putting in the hours when you have time to play. You’re probably thinking about how much time you could save if your mouse had more battery life. This device doesn’t have to run out of power during an intense raid session or while you’re recording a video for your channel. There are two kinds of charging available with this G602 battery. Charging the mouse is simple, and using it is even simpler. The different ways it can charge are also convenient because they give you options based on your preferences.

The only thing that some worker hate more than a dead mice is having to think about battery life. While you can just use your mice until it stops working and then replace it with a new model, if you’re serious gamer, this decreases the amount of time that you can play. To help you get the most out of your mice, I’ve put together this review of the G602 device.

If you want to play or working for hours, especially an MMO with multiple classes, then you need to make sure that the device you’re using is going to last through every bit of it. When a gaming mice dies mid-game then you’re going to have a bad time. Not only do you lose your progress, but you also feel like it was all a waste of time that could have been spent more wisely doing other things. With some good battery life and smart charging capabilities, the G602 from Logitech should help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

It is designed to provide you with years of playing pleasure. Its turbocharged power is guaranteed to make sure that you never experience lag when playing your video games. This device was made with professionals in mind, but anyone can enjoy all the many features that this mice offers. The G602’s amazing battery life makes it the best all-purpose wireless gaming mouse on the market!

The battery life is one of the main features you need to look for in a device. You can’t have a good device without having a long battery life, right? The Logitech G602 is just perfect when it comes with this feature.

The battery life of G602 is incredible. It is designed to provide the users with long hours of flawless performance. If you are a heavy gamer, then this device will never let you down ever. It’s battery performance is the best among its competitors.

According to the battery life, Logitech G602 performs best among its competitors and is on top of the work/game in the market. The battery is rated between 250 hours to 36 hours, based on the working/gaming scenario. This makes this device one of the most advanced products in the market today. It’s battery can last up to 1440 hours in the idle condition.

Delta Zero sensor technology:

The Logitech G602 which ensures every movement of your hand will be detected and executed on the screen. It features Logitech Delta Zero technology, which is no acceleration feature. This means your device will not accelerate even when you move it at fast speed. This would help you to attain maximum accuracy while in combat, or aim at different targets with movement. Delta Zero technology also avoids any sensor jitter, providing you with best-in-class tracking performance, no matter how intense your working/gaming session gets.

So why did Logitech delay it for so long? Well, not every user needs it. In fact, some user will need acceleration. But if a lot of users want a device without it, then the company would definitely consider adding the feature. The no-acceleration is at the core of Delta Zero technology. It allows you to use your device in ways that other wireless mice cannot allow you to do.

It has got a pretty fancy packaging, and the product inside is also impressive. On the top of the packaging it has got an image of an arrow moving forward and backward, and ‘no acceleration’ written on it. This gives you an idea about what Logitech G602 can do, and why you need one it for yourself. In short, G602 doesn’t have any major negative points to talk about. In fact it does all that a good working/gaming device should do. It tracks precisely and gives you confidence when playing.

It is very important for a user that his mice has a good sensor, so that the device reacts to your commands exactly how you wanted it to. Now, some mice have acceleration, which leads to inaccurate movements of the cursor and it might lead to frustrating gaming sessions. In order to counter this issue, Logitech came up with Delta Zero technology, and this is specifically built for playing.

When you are using a mice in your work, you generally need to make small and very subtle movements. You don’t want the cursor to move very far after every little movement you make. This is where G602 excels.

To use a mice very subtly you want to have it as close to your hand’s movement as possible. That means you’re going to move the device pad/surface as little as possible so that every adjustment is very small. This is what you normally see on trackballs and high end laser mice that feature no acceleration technology or artificial sensors to avoid acceleration.

The Delta Zero technology from Logitech makes sure that your device movements are very precise. The best thing about this is that the sensor operates along with the power management feature to make sure you have uninterrupted gaming sessions.

The delta zero sensor technology is present in many mice, including the G602 , as well. The thing is that it works great for righty user. It’s not so great for lefties. Also, as it takes away your freedom to place your cursor wherever you want, although you can enable the acceleration by enabling the software options in the Logitech’s software.

As you may know, the G602 is one of the better device out there. It has an ergonomic design like most other mice and play like you are familiar with. Now, do you want the ultimate experience? If so, it’s time to look at the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). As it specializes in sensitive, fast decision-making. LGS will help you customize for your needs based on the performance of the mouse. The customization of this mouse also includes adjustable liftoff range which can be useful while considering different playing styles.

Rapid DPI shifting:

The Logitech G602 is a shining example of wireless mice that have on the rapid DPI shifting. On the rapid DPI shifting means that you can change the dpi settings just as much as you would feel comfortable with. If your latest gameplay requires you to have an extremely high sensitivity for maximum aiming, then you can easily do so with the G602.

It has the ability to dynamically change it’s DPI on-the-fly. No matter what sensitivity you are using for a specific gameplay, you can just switch between them whenever needed with a press of a button.

This G602 is a special device. As soon as you see it, you will realize that saying. Logitech decided to innovate and incorporate features other manufacturers were ignoring. This includes the DPI shift which can be done on-the-fly without exiting the gameplay.

With most mice, you have a sniper button for lowering your DPI and sensitivity. Then you have to manually move the DPI down by the appropriate number of notches to lower your mouse sensitivity. With the G602, you can assign two DPI presets in its onboard memory. You can choose whether you want low, medium or high sensitivities easily with a press of a button without sacrificing precision. This means that all three will be stored on your mouse’s onboard memory (and not in game). This makes it harder for someone else to alter your presets since they’ll have to do so on the keyboard or memorize your specific settings within a game or application.

Theoretically, the G602 has a huge advantage over other device because it allows quick DPI shifting. It will allows you to change your DPI of the mouse on the go with one click. One option has 250 DPI movement feature and the other has speedy 2500 DPI. All of these settings can be customized to fit your gameplay style. This device wheel technology allows you to change the DPI of the mouse on the go with one click. It has a long list of features and amazing design. However, the most impressive feature of it is DPI on the fly feature.

When using the G602 mouse for a significant amount of time, you need to know every single feature this device has. One great feature is the DPI settings. You can make changes on the fly to match your movement speed. This is great for gamers that like to change the pace of their gameplay by switching their settings from low to high quickly. This becomes helpful during an intense play as it allows you to maneuver your cursor safely and avoid other gamers that are trying to get in your way by moving around them fast enough to pass them up.

Have you ever played a game and wondered why the DPI of your mouse is not as sensitive as you wanted? And have you also wished to change your mouse sensitivity during the gameplay without any delay? If yes, then Logitech has the solution for you.

Comfortable Design and Sturdy built:

Logitech G602 mouse is the best mice in my opinion because of its great design and good performance. It’s a wireless gaming mouse, so it’s not too expensive and when I wanted to buy a mouse, I was looking for something which is not overpriced but has a great specification. This mouse is not too big and not too small either. It’s quite slim which means that you can grip it comfortably without hurting your hand. Many users also agreed with me on this point so it seems like it would be a truly great mouse.

Logitech G602 is one of their widely-sold gaming peripherals, which has been designed with ergonomics in mind. This has been achieved by placing extra padding on the palm rest section at the bottom of the device, and to a lesser extent, adding a textured finish on the top of the mice so that grip remains strong during long periods of use. At first glance, the ergonomic design will not jump out at you as much as it does during use. However, you are sure to notice the difference if you compare the G602 with some other mice in the market.

After Logitech announced their G602 device, I started looking for a new mouse to replace my Logitech MX518 (Logitech’s most popular G series gaming mouse). I wasn’t surprised at all. Logitech just never gives up in the gaming department. It is a matter of fact that they have been selling quality peripherals for years. After trying out almost every mice on the market, there were three main criteria I considered before purchasing the G602; Comfort, Performance and Hardware design.

The Logitech G602 perfect for anyone who’s looking to get a high-performance. It’s comes with 11 programmable buttons and allows the user to customize it to their own liking. The LED indicators give you real-time information about your current settings, and they also help you see which mode you’re in (for example: full speed vs battery saving).

It has been designed to provide an immersive and comfortable experience, whether during an intense gameplay session or during long Office hours. Forget about wires and have the freedom to move around as you like, while still keeping a strong grip.

G602 is a competent device, but it did lack the precision of the wired alternatives from other brands. It does have its own merits, and is particularly well-suited for people with smaller hands who prefer a palm grip. Its overall performance was quite good, and at least on par with what I’ve seen from other gaming mice.

Some people like to be on the edge while playing. They like the thrill of getting annoyed by lagging, and losing that crucial match because of a tiny lag spike. For them, the Logitech G602 is the ultimate mice.

Our Thoughts

If you are thinking of buying this device (which you should) you need to know that it is not fair to the mice that it only costs under $130. With other “gaming” mice available costing at least $170, how dare Logitech release this product so cheaply! I was really amazed at the performance of this mouse. For the under $130 I paid, it is a fantastic piece of hardware that lives up to my expectations for a wireless device.

It is the best budget mouse on the market! When I decided to switch to a mice I had a budget of under $150. The Logitech G602 was the top product on my list which made it very easy for me to make a decision. I am very happy with my choice because the G602 is an amazing device for its price!

G602 is the refined version of G600 mouse. The company has clearly listened to the feedback they got from their users and has improved upon the original mice over time. The result is what people may react to as the best mouse currently available under $150.

The G602 device from Logitech is worth every penny. It is a fantastic mouse for playing or office use. It’s highly responsive, has a simple design and A LOT of customization options. The build quality is excellent and the battery life is longer than any other Bluetooth mouse I’ve tried – and longer than most wired mice as well. In short: it’s just a great device – even better when you consider its price tag of under $150.

It was an easy choice for me. This wireless device is affordable and is as powerful as the $130+ mice in its class. The G602 also does not become too hot during long gaming sessions, unlike some of the more expensive wireless mice out there. Logitech might not have a patent on their Delta Zero sensor technology but they sure know how to make a great wireless mice, and that is why the Logitech G602 is our choice for best overall device.

I believe, if ever there is a right time to write this Logitech G602 review, it would certainly be now. Why? Because these days there are only a handful of wireless gaming mouse options in the industry and only a few brands can make it to the list. The product we’re talking about here is certainly one such example from Logitech that you shouldn’t miss whether you have been or not.

If you’re a gamer, then you know that a solid mouse is not something to be taken lightly. You need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job, and if you’re looking for the best mouse on the market, then let me tell you about the Logitech G602.

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