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Why do you see Instagram try again later we restrict certain activity problem? You can see this problem when you like a post and again dislike post on instagram also when you Comments on same post again and again on instagram. Then you will see this issue. You will also see this for many more reasons, such as if you follow a lot of people at once or just follow and unfollow people. This problem is usually resolved within an hour or a day. But in many cases this does not go within a day. What should you do if you wait 3/5 days and this is not solved?. Don’t worry! in this blog I will teach you how to get rid of this error.

You’re not alone. You started following a couple of people and decided to post comments, tags and some pictures. Some days/hours later you receive a notification saying “We restrict certain activity”. You probably have no clue as to what is happening. How come? Well, it’s simple: you’ve been detected as a spammer by one of the most popular social networking platforms that is favored by millions of people all over the world.

If you are active on Instagram and want to build your account fast, you surely must have faced this issue at least once: a message telling you that “We restrict certain activity” This error message acts like red alert for all the users of this popular photo sharing social network.

Why Instagram Restricts Certain Activities

You might have been one among the thousands of people who faced Instagram account restricted problem . Well, you are not alone. Many users are reporting this issue on different platforms and everyone is looking for a solution to resolve it. One of the major reasons behind this issue is that ; hackers or spammers gained access to your account and started spam it. Encouraging users to buy likes, followers or use certain feature on your own Instagram account is also one of the most common ways which can lead your account to be restricted. Don’t worry! There is still a way out. Most of the users were able to fix their accounts after following some steps as mentioned below. We believe that you can also get your account back within a day by following these steps.

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos. It is a great networking tool as well. People love to upload their photos and videos, talk about the trending hashtags, and accumulate more followers. However, Instagram can be quite strict when it comes to various activities. If you get the error “Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community” each time when you try to like post, it means that Instagram just blocked you from some activities.

At some point you may receive a message that says it, when trying to login into your Instagram account. However, it doesn’t mean you are banned from the platform. It simply means that there’s a possibility you are using one of the features which Instagram has restricted for safety and security reasons.

They do this to protect its community and ensure good quality content. If you’ve encountered the error message below when trying to like a post or commenting on someone else’s post, it means that your account has been temporarily blocked from some activities. This is not permanent though; these blocks will be removed after you wait for an hour or a day.

If you are getting an error message each time you try to like a post, follow someone, or try to comment, it is because of Instagram restrictions. These restrictions are built in for your protection but they can also become annoying if you don’t want about these. I’ll show you how to solve these restrictions and get back to using Instagram normally again.

What do you do when something is restricted for you? It can seem a bit annoying that you can’t see several posts, like someone’s photos or that you are blocked into your account. There are many reasons why they restricts certain activities to the users.

It is a place which lets you share your pictures with your followers. And like any other social media sites, you will get some likes on your posts as well. But if you’ve got an error showing on Instagram saying that this behavior is restricted, it is likely because Instagram has detected possible spamming activities. You should see this kind of message when ‘They’ detects possible spamming for likes’ post and this typically means that you follow, like, comments on a lot of people/images in a short time period from your accounts. However, there are multiple reasons why this message can appear on Instagram.

That could be interpreted by They as spam due to the fact that you don’t normally like posts on that scale. Some users may find this new restriction annoying, but Instagram is putting it in place to prevent spammers from misusing the service (and your account).

Once you get this error, your first action should be to stop any activities you think They may have interpreted as spam. And if this is not enough, check out the simple solutions that are mentioned in this blog.

We are going to cover all the solutions that work for this error. As we’ve already mentioned, the reasons for this error message can be different. You might have faced some of them while you received the We restrict certain activity message, and some differently. It’s not very complicated to fix it immediately when you know the reason.

“This” error is one of the most commonly seen errors on Instagram. It is what you will get when you try to follow too many people, attempt to like too many photos or upload content which is basically against Their Terms of service. So if you have ever received it and don’t know how to fix it, this post is for you.

The “We restrict certain activity” error happens when you violate the Terms of Use & Community Guidelines as stated by them. So below is a step-by-step guide on how you can solve it :

How to Fix Try Again Later Error in Instagram?

Step 1 : Take a screenshot of your problem. Taking a screenshot would be a much better direction for you.

Instagram Try Again Later Error

Step 2 : After taking the screenshot, now click on the tell us button Then click on the OK button.

Instagram Try Again Later Tell Us Button

Step 3 : After Touching on the OK, now go to your profile and find the setting option Then find the security option and Touch it. Then click on Password options.

Instagram Security Option
Instagram Password Option

Step 4 : After clicking on the password, now Touch on Forgotten Password and enter a brand new password that you have never used before.

Instagram Forgotten Password Option

Step 5 : Go to setting again and find help and click. Select report a problem and click on report a problem button. Add your screenshot here which is the screenshot you took in the first step (Instagram try again later problem screenshot). Type your problem here and select submit button.

Instagram Help Option
Instagram Report A Problem Option
Instagram Submit Button

Step 6 : After submitting your problem now log out your instagram ID and uncheck remember my login info. After log out, uninstall your Instagram app, come back after 24/48 hours and install Instagram app from Google Play Store and try to log in.

Instagram Log Out Button

Hopefully instagram try again later problem will be solved if you follow the steps. Instagram try again later problem is not a big deal if you take the right measures. Only follow these steps and your issue will be fixed in a day.

Stop Using Bots

The message looks scary at first, but rest assure that it is not going to ban you or cause you any other harm. What the message says is true. They do restrict certain activity from users violating their terms of service. That’s why most of the time this error appears after your account was flagged by Instagram for too many spamming activity like using bots to grow your accounts as fast as possible.

If you get a message like the one above, it means They detected that you are using bots for your account. This error occurs mostly with Instagram Business accounts as They tries to prevent its users from buying fake likes, followers and views. Bots are harmful so do not use them.

If the problem is with your internet connection, try again. If you still receive the same “We Restrict Certain Activity” error message, your account may have been flagged as bot activity. This is because They has been working hard to remove fraudulent accounts and bots.

Instagram has recently updated its algorithm to stop fake likes, which includes the likes that bots generate. I’ve seen a lot of people who have received the “We restrict certain activities” message, due to using bots for marketing.

The reason why the error on your account is because you can’t use automated tools like bots and softwares to help you manage your account. Their team sees it as an abuse of their terms of service since it won’t be fair to others if you use these tools to get more likes, followers and comments. If you ask me, this is a good thing for both users and brands. Users have the opportunity to showcase their photography skills if they take nice photos. On the other hand, brands can build real relationships with potential customers by creating engagement.

This is the most common error we have had so far to deal with. It can occur on any of your current accounts and you don’t know why. It may happen because of using an app or using a bot too much. When you try to post, it just returns the We Restrict Certain Activity message which everyone finds annoying and looks for solutions online. Some users think that blocking the app or blocking the IP of the bot is a solution but actually, it’s not. You should instantly stop using these apps and bots immediately and then check your account every 2 days later until you see that this warning has gone away.

The Last Resorts For We Restrict Certain Activity Instagram Problem

We have had a lot of users in the past who were having problems with their account getting We Restricted Certain Activity message. We later found out it’s because they were violating their Terms of Service (ToS). And so, we created a guide to help you solve it. We suggest you read this below step by step guide to solve this issue very easily.

  • At first log out from your instagram account and then after few minute come back and try to log in.
  • Try to log in your instagram account using a different mobile/device.
  • Describe what is your problem and then send an Email to Instagram support team about your problem.

Final Words

This error message can happen due to the bot activity or a human spamming actions, such as liking hundreds of photos in a few minutes. If you get this error don’t worry and wait until it gets back to normal. However, in case you are actually using a bot, you better stop it right away.

As soon as your account gets caught up in those errors, the only thing you can do is to wait until it goes away. The restriction will stay for 24 hours. After that time is over, you will be able to access your account again and use its features normally. In case you get any kind of error message from the platform regarding potential bot activity, there are a few things you need to do. First and foremost thing to do is change your password right away and block that extension or app that might have caused those issues with a bot. That should solve your problem or issue right away.

This platform is being monitored constantly by their team in order to find and eliminate spam accounts which pose a risk to its security and popularity. Also, they regularly releases new features that can be exploited by spammers. You might have been banned due to these measures. However, if you actually did not engage in any spamming activity, then this error can be considered a mistake on the part of the platform developers, and your account will eventually be restored.

Instagram has a mechanism that prevents users from performing too many activities, like spamming for instance. When you get your access revoked due to spamming, it means your account may get banned temporary. But you need to worry if the message suggests that you have been flagged as spammer.

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