How To Turn Off Auto Correct On Android

Looking for how to turn off auto correct on android?. Then you are coming to the right place. If you are very upset about auto correct problem then this blog is written for you. in this blog you will get knowledge about how you can turn off this. Although the rule to turn off auto correct is almost the same for all Android phones. For this reason in this blog we have discussed for some popular android phones. All you have to do is follow a few steps. If you can follow the steps correctly then you will get rid of this problem very easily. Below are a few steps discussed. Please follow the steps:

1. SAMSUNG Device

  • Find your phone’s setting option and then enter.
  • Find the GENERAL MANAGEMENT and enter on this. You will see the Language and Input setting.
  • Now touch on the Language and Input setting and click on the ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD setting. After touching on it, you will be able to see the Samsung keyboard option.
Language And Input Option In Samsung Mobile Settings
  • click on the Samsung keyboard setting and find the Smart Typing and click on that.
Samsung keyboard option In On-Screen Keyboard Settings
  • After going into the smart typing settings, make sure that you have turned off both Predictive Text and Transliteration options. After doing this, close the settings and check if Auto Correct is turned off or not.
Turn Off Predictive Text And Transliteration Options In Smart Typing Settings On Samsung Mobile

So with this method you can turn off Samsung Mobile’s Auto Correct setting very easily. I think now you have learned that how you can turn off settings in Samsung Devices. If you want to turn on AutoCorrect setting again, then follow the same rules above. This time you just need to turn on Predictive Text and Transliteration.

2. Xiaomi Phones

  • First of all, go to your phone settings and find the additional settings and enter on the additional. You will see the Language and Input.
  • Touch on the Language and Input. Now check which keyboard you are currently using. To check, you will see an option called Current Keyboard touch there. you will see your current keyboard. After viewing this, Now close this.
Language And Input Option In Xiaomi Phone
Current Keyboard Option In Xiaomi Phone
Current Keyboard Settings In Xiaomi Phone
  • Click on the keyboard settings of the keyboard you are currently using. As shown in the picture below.
Gboard Settings in Xiaomi Phone
  • Touch on the Text Correction and scroll down. You will see Auto-Correction. Make sure you turn off the Auto-Correct.
Text Correction Option In Xiaomi Phone
Turn Off The Auto-Correct Option In Xiaomi Phone

So if you follow the above steps then you can solve auto correct problem very easily. I think you have learned by reading the above steps that how you can do it.

3. OPPO Phones

  • Go to your Oppo phone settings and look for the option called Additional settings and click on it.
  • Now you will see an option like Language And Input Method, touch there.
Language And Input Method Option In Oppo Phone
  • Now click on the option named TouchPal for OPPO. Make sure you uncheck Auto-Correction and Curve-Word Gesture.
TouchPal For OPPO Option In Oppo Phone
Uncheck Auto-Correction And Curve-Word Gesture Options In Oppo Phone Settings
  • After uncheck Curve-Word Gesture and Auto-Correction options, Now open one of your messengers and check if you still have the problem. Hopefully there will be no problem with auto correction.

Hopefully if you follow these steps above, then you will easily get rid of this problem. And if you want to open the Auto Correction option again, then you can follow the same rule above. Hopefully after reading the above steps well, now you understand that how you can do it for OPPO Phones.

4. Huawei Phones

  • Go to your Huawei mobile settings, find the setting menu called System and Updates. You will see an option called Language and Input.
  • After clicking on the Language & Input Settings, you will see your current keyboard. touch there.
Language & Input Settings In Huawei
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Option In Huawei Phone
  • Find the option called Typing then click on the Typing option.
Typing Option In Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard Settings
  • Make sure you turn off the auto correct. Then open one of the messengers on your Huawei phone and check if your problem is solved or not.
Turn Off The Auto Correct Option In Huawei Phone

So if you want to turn off the auto correct setting of your Huawei phone then follow the above guidelines. Hopefully you will be able to know by reading the above guidelines that how you can do it for the huawei Phones. If for some reason you want to turn on it again, then follow the steps above.

Please note that if your phone is not listed among the ones discussed above, then don’t be disappointed. Because I said earlier in this blog that the method of turning off auto correct is the same for all android devices. If you follow the above mentioned phones auto correct problem solutions, then you will be able to solve your phone problem. If for some reason you can’t fix your phone’s problem, please let us know in the comments and subscribe us. We will update this blog and after complete the update we will send you notifications on how to fix for your phone’s.

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