How To Fix Wifi Connected Without Internet

Fix Wifi Connected Without Internet

Are you looking for How To Fix Wifi Connected Without Internet (No Internet Problem) error?. If so, then this blog will help you to fix this problem. If you are facing this error notification while you try to turn on your wifi settings then I hope this blog will help you to find out the solution. Due to this error message your Mobile/Computer can’t connect with any website and also your applications are not working properly. So what is the meaning of this error?. This type of error are mainly occurred due to the two reasons. And the first one reason is if your Router have any issue/error like if maybe your fiber connection is lost their signal then it shows this kind of error message in your phone. So first of all, check your router And the second reason is if you change your password to new one then it shows this message in your Mobile/Computer so also check your correct password. So anyway if that error message is maybe occurrs again out of this above mentioned two reasons then how to fix it?. Don’t worry about this issue. Below are some of the methods discussed. Please follow the methods to fix it.

Method 1

  • Turn on your wifi settings and then press the Gear Icon as shown in the picture below.
Connected Without Internet (Gear Icon)
  • Go to Advanced setting and then check it if your phone has this same wifi setting or not (shown in the picture below). IP settings should be DHCP, Proxy should be None, Metered Network should be Detect Automatically and the MAC Address type should be Phone MAC. Once you select the Phone MAC option, your wifi will be Disconnected and then it will automatically connect to your same network.
Go To Advanced Setting
Settings For IP Settings, Proxy, Metered Network And MAC Address Type
  • After doing this settings now try to check it if your Internet works or not. If this tricks not work for you then follow the next step.
  • Press the same Gear Icon, This time you have to press the Forget button. Once you select Forget button in future it will ask you for the password to connect to your Network.
Forget Button
  • After press on the Forget button Now this time you have to type your correct wifi router password. So type your Router Password very carefully.

Hopefully if you follow the above mentioned discussions/methods then you will able to solve this (Wifi connected Without Internet Problem) very easily. So I would highly recommend you to follow the above mentioned discussions or methods to fix this wifi error. So read the full details discussions and fix your error problem very easily without any problem.

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