How To Fix Parse Error Android Tv Box

If you are facing parse error/there was a problem parsing the package while installing any app, don’t worry, this blog is written for you. in this blog you will learn how you can solve Parse Error Android Tv Box problem very easily. There are some apps that are not available in the Google Play Store. For this we have to download and install all those apps from However, in many cases, after downloading from Google, the app does not want to be installed on our phone. We see there was a problem parsing the package error message while installing the app. Which is a very annoying thing for us. In many cases we think this app will not support our phone. But that’s not really the case. It will definitely support your phone if you follow a few steps. So below are some steps that you can follow to get rid of this problem :

There Was A Problem Parsing The Package

How To Fix Parse Error Android Tv Box/Android Mobile?

Step 1: First of all, you need to install an app from the Google Play Store called apk Editor. To install the app, open your Google Play Store and type apk pro in the search bar. There you will see two apps, one you need to buy and use and the other you can use for free. The free version doesn’t work a lot of the time so I think using the paid version will be much better for you. Select the version you want to use and install. When the installation is complete, open the it.

Install APK Editor Or APK Editor Pro

Step 2 : After opening the app, select the select an apk file and open the folder in which you downloaded the app from Google. After opening the folder, click on the app you are having problems with and select the Full Edit( RESOURCE RE-BUILD).

APK Editor Select An APK File Option
Find Apps In APK Editor
Full Edit (Resource Re-Build) Option

Step 3 : After touching on the full edit, now touch on the manifest, Then you will see a search bar called input keyword to search, type SDK there. Then you will see an option there. where you just need to change a code. And the code you need to change is that instead of 21 you have to write 14(Shown through the picture below). Then click on the Save button to save the code that you have changed.

Manifest Option
Search SDK
Change Code In SDK

Step 4 : When step 3 done, now touch on the Build. This process may take 1/2 minutes to complete. When the process is complete, click on the Install button. now Your app will be install without any issues.

Build Button In Apk Editor
Install Parse Error App

If you follow all the steps discussed above, you will definitely get rid of Parse Error Android Tv Box / Parse Error in Android Mobile (there was a problem parsing the package error) very easily. So I think you probably understand how you can solve this kind of problem very easily. Note that this is not a big issue, you just need to implement some settings well then you can easily get rid of this. Hopefully this blog has helped you a lot to get rid of this issue.

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