How To Fix Lag In Pubg Mobile! (Max FPS Tips And Tricks For Pubg Mobile)

How To Fix Lag In Pubg Mobile

Are you searching for How To Fix Lag In Pubg Mobile and get Max FPS Tips And Tricks For Pubg Mobile? Do you encounter any shortcomings when playing Pubg Mobile? Should you turn to using the worst settings to be able to play the game?. If so, Then you are in the right place now. In this blog we will look at all the best things you can do to fix lag or significantly reduce lag in Pubg Mobile. This includes things made within and outside the app. This blog is helpful if you take a moment and share this blog with your friends if they encounter shortcomings in this game.

We will start talking about very simple settings. Of course if this fixes your game that’s fine. But you may still need to do more to reduce lag in your game. Which is why over time we will look at some of the more complex things you can do to reduce lag in Pubg Mobile. Start with the most obvious fixes sometimes ignored by players in the following way shut down and restart Pubg Mobile or restart your Device. Question how long have you been playing this game? Your device has too much memory and when it comes to full use it starts to slow down.

So every once in a while. Justly if every other game closes and reopens the pubg mobile it will make a noticeable difference. And how many apps you have opened right now if you have many other open apps will use memory again. So close all their output and keep only open Pubg Mobile to make it work properly. If you have a slow device you can try turning it off and restarting. This will reboot the device again as long as open a Pubg Mobile you will see that it works better and yet you may need to check how much storage your device has and how much of it is used up. Here is something you probably have a 64 gigabyte device but if it is overloaded it will work very badly.

So start removing things from your device. You no longer need an app downloaded in the last six months you haven’t opened maybe a great video you downloaded from YouTube you can use it for school project opportunities you don’t need them anymore so get rid of them. And your device’s performance will increase. Now those texts you sent to your ex in 2019 about the 50 billion videos and photos you took of that beautiful dog you saw in the mall. Maybe this is not the case with photos and videos that you transfer to your computer or cloud service like Dropbox or onedrive or iCloud and you can delete it from your phone.

You will be amazed at the 15 gigabytes released with old photos and videos that are not next to old deleted messages will greatly help your device work better. Deleting photographic videos takes up a lot of space especially when recorded at 60fps or 4k. So if you discard some of them you will have many more gigabytes released on your device. Actually note that the device doesn’t get as hot as before. I think that’s cool now. These are just some of the easy things you can do to improve your device and make it work better.

However, there are many things you can do to make your game work better. I want to say in this blog that it will help you decide what is the best graphics setting for your device in military base or school. Raise a gun with a wide range and shoot in a full auto with the width to be seen. If you see anything left behind when you shoot. Do this at the beginning of the game. Because it doesn’t matter if you die or not. Doing this in an area with many other players. It will cause a lot of stress on your device. And you’ll be able to see if your device can work in the settings you enter. If you see any leftovers when you shoot a gun. You will have to lower your click-through settings to compensate for that problem.

Here are some tips that i completely forgot to say before. You may need to turn off Wi-Fi when playing pubg mobile. It may sound awkward but if you have very slow Wi-Fi when playing this game it is not good. In some parts of the world there are no good Wi-Fi options available and sometimes you can have the best mobile service to have two or three LTE bars that will work better than Wi-Fi. So as long as you don’t consume your data too much you will play better on mobile service. If you have bad Wi-Fi on the go. When you go Sickness is lagging behind pubg Mobile there are still some things you can do to try to fix that.

There are a few apps that you can get depending on iOS or Android that can help improve your device performance. First if you on Android you will want to open the device settings of your device. Everything is a little different. But all you have to do is go to your settings and find the About tab and find the build number button. If you do not have a build number button appear. See if there is a button for the software details and after clicking you will be able to find the build number on most devices. Though i know this sounds weird but tap the button seven times if you tap it three times you should see a message appear and say now there are four steps left to become an engineer.

So tap four times and set up after your developer settings are enabled. Return to your main menu in settings and you should see a button called the developer options below. Click that and find where it says four times MSAA. If you click it, it will turn on anti- aliasing and will help improve the performance of your devices. This does not apply to everyone so if you do not see a change in performance. Close MSAA only four times and return to normal.

You can still do many things even though there are a few apps you can download depending on iOS or Android and they will speed up your device. If you are on Android go download something known as power clean. If iOS user downloads an app known as magic phone cleaner. iOS users magic phone cleaner is very easy to use. Follow the steps the app does after you first open it and it will help to increase performance. A little more than you already have. Android users clean power is a little more complicated and I will explain now how to use it better after downloading it and opening it and you have to meet the screen first click junk clean this will basically scan all your apps and clear cached cache is no longer sensitive it doesn’t matter but you will be amazed at how many megabytes or gigabytes of data you will get after using it.

It does not end there after you have finished that way of clicking memory after scanning everything and it will help to increase memory. I said earlier that it is very important when talking about device performance. Three click the center button below and click on the cool CPU. I am sure most viewers get hot device when playing pubg mobile for a long time. This hot device makes the game run faster. Using a cool CPU will help cool your device faster so you can finally have a virus problem on your device especially on Android. It is a big problem when it comes to Android devices. Don’t be afraid or if you can get rid of many viruses with this app click antivirus and it will scan your device for viruses.

If anything comes up it will remove them and you will have a clean device in the end. I am well aware that I cannot recommend these adequate phone cleaning and power cleaning apps have helped me a lot. I encourage you all to use them regularly or do not play pubg mobile every day. I have tried my best to combine all the best ways to do it. Improve your device performance and fix failures on both iOS and Android devices. has helped you to keep tips very clear which server you play all the time choose a server with a lower ping value. More ping where you are left if you for example live in Egypt and have 110 ping on European servers and 130 ping on Asian servers obviously playing on European servers you will see the difference.

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