How To Fix Epic Games Launcher Not Loading Properly

Epic Games Launcher not loading properly This is a very common problem for those who use Epic Games Launcher. If you are new to this issue, you may think it is a big problem. But no it’s not a big issue. If you are facing this you just need to use a few settings properly Then your problem will be solved. What happens when you face epic games launcher not loading properly problem?. Basically you will see many kinds of error Something like that When you try to open, it doesn’t open properly. The screen doesn’t look exactly the same. Its screen looks very strange. The screen looks double and works elsewhere instead of where you click maybe you will see many more problems. Don’t worry, this blog will teach you how to get rid of this. So you just need to follow some steps to solve it. You can get rid of epic games launcher not loading properly problem very easily by following the steps below :

Fix Epic Games Launcher Not Loading Properly

Step 1 : first of all, click on this arrow as shown in the picture below. And there you will see the Epic Games Launcher Now move your mouse over the launcher and right click on the mouse Then click on Exit.

Exit Epic Games Launcher

If you have an installation or download process running in your Epic Games Launcher, then don’t do this. Because if you do this, all your installations will be canceled.

Step 2 : Move the mouse over Epic Games Launcher and right click on the mouse and click on Properties option.

Properties Option In Epic Games

Step 3 : Now click on Change Compatibility and click on High DPI Settings. After clicking on it, find the override high DPI behaviour scaling option and check mark it. Then select the application and hit OK, then click on the Apply and OK button.

Change High DPI Settings
High DPI Scaling Override
Change High DPI Settings Ok And Apply Button

If you follow the above steps properly, then you will easily get rid of this problem. at the end, it’s not a big problem, it’s enough if you know how to solve it. You just need to implement the settings as discussed above.

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