How To Fix An iPhone Stuck On The Apple Logo

The iPhone is a popular smartphone that has been updated several times since its release. However, there are certain issues that can impact the performance of your phone. In this article, I will outline some simple things you can do to fix an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo and will not load past the home screen.

Although most people use their iPhone every day, when you run into a problem with your device, you may not know how to fix it. The most common “issue” is when the iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo and won’t load past the home screen. This issue could be due to several different problems and we can try to narrow down which it is for you and walk you through ways to fix it.

If you’ve ever had an iPhone, or any iOS device for that matter, you know the excitement of picking it up and opening it for the first time. But of course, things can go south pretty quickly. When your brand new iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo and won’t boot past it, you’re frustrated and disappointed. You may think that your phone is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. And then if that happens again and again, you start to feel like there is something wrong with you and your new phone. Even if this has never happened to you, we all know someone who has been through this drama.

The iPhone stuck on the Apple logo screen. This can be one of the most frustrating issues you can run across as an iPhone owner. Your iPhone appears to be stuck in a startup loop and you can’t do anything about it. At this point, many people will do a factory reset and hope it works afterwards, but sometimes it’s can’t fix the problem.

There are many reasons why the iPhone may be stuck on the Apple logo. If you have tried to turn on an iPhone or iPad and it is stuck on this screen, never fear! There are quite a few things you can do to try and fix this issue.

Note: The fixes i will show you in this article, it will be apply to all the iPhone models.

The Most Common Reasons Why Your iphone Stuck On The Apple Logo:

  • Software Upgrade
  • Hardware Issues
  • Liquid Damage
  • Jailbreak
  • It happens after you restore from iCloud or iTunes

Software Upgrade:

There are numerous reasons why your iPhone might get stuck on the Apple logo or display a black/white screen with no sign of life. These problems are usually caused by corrupt software on the device. Software issues are probably the most common reason for any iPhone Device to get stuck during start-up, followed by failed software updates.

Having a software issue is one of the most frustrating situations you can experience.

If your Phone is stuck on the Apple logo, experiencing screen glitches, apps force closing, or freezing, there’s a good chance you need to update your software.

Hardware Issues:

Why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo? This issue can be caused by the cable, which connects the iPhone’s screen and motherboard, coming failing or loose. In some cases, this is the result of a hardware failure.  In most cases, however, the issue stems from miscommunication between the phone and its operating system: iOS. When this happens, it usually occurs because iOS is trying to load and access information on the iPhone’s hard drive.

Liquid Damage:

It’s a common things for an iPhone to be exposed to water, a small droplet can affect your internal hardware of your iphone device, and leaving you with this annoying Apple logo that just won’t move.


Everyone already know that, Jailbreak has a big risk, For this reasons if you intend to jailbreak your iPhone devices, then you may face this problem definitely.

It happens after you restore from iCloud or iTunes:

No matter why you are trying to restoring your iPhone devices, But it can become stuck on the Logo screen after you try to restore it from iCloud or from iTunes.

When your iPhone gets stuck on a black screen with an Apple logo that is flashing, then this means that there is a software issue and the iPhone will need to be rebooted before you can use it again.

Stuck on the Apple logo sounds a bit like a nightmare, especially if you have a brand new iPhone. In this post, I will guide you step by step through the process to fix the issue. It is always good to have a backup for your device so if you have been using it for a while, now would be a good time to create one as the process below could potentially erase everything on your device.

Every so often an iPhone can get stuck on logo screen. This can be very frustrating as it usually means your iPhone will have to go to an Apple store for repair. The following article covers all of the reasons you may find yourself with an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

Your iPhone stuck on the logo is frustrating, you cannot do anything until this screen disappears. Your iPhone runs slow or lags intensely, this can occur because of stuck apps or freezing background processes. When your Phone gets stuck on the logo, you are unable to connect it  to iTunes, restore your phone or even turn off your device to make it work again.

Having a Phone that gets stuck on a logo can be very frustrating because you cannot use your phone until the logo is removed. This article will guide you through some steps to fixing an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo so that you can get back to using your device.

Why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo?’ is one of the most common questions that we get, and it’s also one of the most expensive fixes. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the different reasons that cause this issue and what can be done to fix it.

The worst situation is when the update gets disabled and your phone freezes on the Apple logo after an unsuccessful attempt to update or you just can’t get passed it no matter what happens. But there is a way we can get the device working again and get past the frozen screen issue and that’s what we’ll focus on here.

There are endless articles on the Internet about how to fix your iPhone when it freezes or gets stuck. But what do you do when your Phone is stuck on a logo and doesn’t load past the home screen? This can be frustrating because you might think that you have permanently damaged the device. Luckily, this is usually not the case. Here are some things you can do to fix your iPhone when it gets stuck on the Apple logo.

  • Force Restart iPhone
  • Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode
  • Use (Device Firmware Update) DFU Mode
  • Check Your USB Port and USB Cable
  • Get It Repaired in an Apple Store

Force Restart iPhone:

If your Phone get stuck on the Apple logo screen or won’t respond at all, you can try force restarting it. A basic restart has helped many users who encountered problems with their iPhones. If nothing else, it will at least temporarily fix most issues with your phone so that you can then troubleshoot the problem more properly.

Tips: If standard restart doesn’t work for you, then you can also try a hard reset option. The hard reset can clears more of the iPhone devices memory (without any data loss) and most of the times it can fix more hard problems.

Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode:

If your iPhone is stuck and you can’t get it to start up, Recovery Mode may be an option that allows you to fix the problem and boot into a usable state.

I also had this issue with my iPhone. It was stuck at the Apple logo upon startup. I tried everything, even hard resetting, but couldn’t get past the logo screen. What finally worked for me was putting it in Recovery Mode.

If you ever find yourself with an iPhone that is stuck on the Apple logo, there’s a way to fix it. The standard methods of restarting and hard resetting if not work properly, then we need something that will allow us to boot the device and stop the OS from booting up at all, thus allowing us access to the device’s system files and folders. Recovery Mode is the solution and here’s what you should do.

Use (Device Firmware Update) DFU Mode:

Device Firmware Update, also known as DFU Mode, is a feature on the iPhone that allows you to repair or restore your device. You might want to try this if the iPhone get stuck or a frozen screen, a hardware issue where buttons don’t work. Using DFU is similar to Recovery Mode but more specific about what system files are OK to replace and how much it can remove from your device. In DFU Mode, your iPhone loads a minimal hardware-based operating system with limited diagnostic monitoring capability from flash memory instead of from the device’s hard disk drive.

Check Your USB Port and USB Cable:

There are bad USB cables and bad USB ports out there, sending random signals to your device and corrupting software. If you’re having issues, it might be a cable or port problem.

Get It Repaired in an Apple Store:

If your phone is still under warranty, Apple should cover the repairs for free, provided it isn’t damaged in any other way.

If your iPhone is still under warranty, you can get a free replacement from Apple if you’re still within the one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. And in some cases, if your phone isn’t damaged in any other way, Apple may even cover the damaged screen at a discounted price. Whether you choose to go through a third-party or directly with Apple, getting a replacement or repair can be done quickly so long as your warranty status is accurate.

How to Avoid An iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issue

Many users have reported the iPhone stuck on apple logo for hours. The phone gets stuck at Apple logo, white screen, or black screen, and the phone is unresponsive. And although this post demonstrates how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue, there are some common reasons causing it. It also indicates that you’d better not ignore the iPhone got stuck issue to avoid getting iPhone white Apple screen of death error.

iPhone stuck on Logo is a very common issue, which happens to almost all Apple users. In fact, it is not hard to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, you just need to correctly choose the method based on the causes of the issue in your case. iPhone white screen of death mainly has three different causes: a hardware issue in which you won’t be able to do much to fix it except going to a shop and get it fixed for you, a software issue in which iOS upgrade, jailbreak or factory reset can solve this problem, and a firmware issue. This last situation is the most frequent one for an iPhone 5 or earlier models. In this case, there are many ways to solve an iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

Apple iPhone is well-known for its smooth and high quality performance. It is easy for us to use it and surf the Internet, watch movies or videos, play games, etc. When it comes to using your iPhone, you won’t worry about any problem during the process. However, sometimes you suddenly find that your iPhone gets stuck on the apple logo and can’t enter to other functions. This situation will become extremely annoying as you can’t even turn off your phone. How to fix a stuck iPhone with a frozen or blank screen? Are there any tips to avoid getting an iPhone stuck issue? In this article I will share some troubleshooting tips with you to help you deal with it as soon as.

Many iOS users complained that iPhone stuck on Apple logo and it would lock them out from using the device. A lot of iFans had been waiting for a solution from Apple to fix iPhone white Apple logo, but –nope– there was no update from the tech giant. So, what could you do to fix your iPhone? I have some tips just for you!

  • Taking care for your iOS devices is a good idea. Try to use a protective case.
  • Think again and again before doing jailbreaking. If you really want to jailbreak it, please keep in mind to back up all your desired data in advance.
  • Don’t try to use your device for long hours, because extra stress on the hardware and battery resources of the iOS (iphone) devices, For this reasons, most of the times it may cause the iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen.

Get Help From Apple

If you have tried all of the above steps and still find your iPhone stuck issue, it’s time to contact Apple Support for in-person assistance. If you have AppleCare+ already, this means making an appointment at your closest Apple Store. If not, get in touch with Apple Support online.

If your iPhone was working but is now stuck at the Apple logo, there might be an issue with your phone. You can troubleshoot issues like this on your own, like we’ve done above, or you can bring it into the Apple genius bar. If you don’t feel comfortable fixing things yourself, make an appointment at the nearest Apple Store to get in-person support.

If your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo, you might think that your only option is taking it to an Apple Store. Maybe they can fix it, maybe they can’t — we’ll never know until we try! Here’s a better idea: fix it yourself and save some money. What about buying a new one? If you were thinking about doing this, here’s a better idea: fix the old one!

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