How To: Convert Image To PDF On iPhone! [JPG To PDF]

How you can convert your pictures or images to pdf? If you have a lot of pictures available on your photos and you want to just save some of the pictures right onto your pdf file. Maybe you want to print them out or maybe you want to save it or maybe you want to keep it simple then you can really make them pdf. Now the question can arise that how you can even do that without even using any third-party apps on your iphone With the latest ios?

Let me show you how you can do it! first of all you gotta open up your photos application on your iphone. That’s the first work that you need to do and then you have to just go ahead and choose the pictures that you want to convert into a pdf. Once you open up a picture then tap on the share icon and then you can choose multiple picture from there. Now you have to scroll down a little and there you’ll be able to see this option called print. Tap on print, you can just take a copy of the print on how many prints that you want. So just choose any number there and now you also can choose the paper size. Then you can preview them so if you just come down then these are the pictures that you have just added to the pdf file and there you’ll be able to see the share icon.

Tap On Print Option On iPhone For Convert JPG to PDF
Select Print Number On iPhone For Convert JPG to PDF

Now if you see the file already, it is saying a pdf document. Now you gotta save the file. Just scroll down and there gotta choose save to files and then you need to choose your folder. Then just tap on save.

PDF Document Format On iPhone For Convert JPG to PDF
Tap On Save To File Option On iPhone For Convert JPG to PDF
Choose Your Folder On iPhone For Convert JPG to PDF

And now you will see the kind which is for the format, so it says pdf documents. So if you tap on done and if you try to open the photo, you’ll be able to see now all the pictures is now available in that pdf file on your iphone. So this is how you can just convert your pictures to pdf and this is how you can do it.

See Your PDF File Information On iPhone After Convert JPG to PDF

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