Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review

When you grab the CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB, you feel that it is an extension of your hand. The body is created of aluminum unibody design with a rock-solid foundation and the side grooves are curved to suits your pinky and thumb. It has the ability to sense 12,000 DPI moves tracking and a fast movement for quick reaction time. With DPI button, you can quickly switch from low to high sensitivity when in game play.

When you are looking for an FPS mouse, there are a lot of factors to be considered. You want something that is sensitive, accurate and precise, and that will last countless hours of work. This is everything you require and more with the Corsair M65 PRO RGB. It is a bit heavy so it does have some heft to it. But what you get here is a very good quality build with its aluminum construction, but most importantly you receive excellent functionality from the 8 programmable buttons, DPI levels that go up to 12000, and adjustable weight levels.

If you are a hardcore player with big hands and fingers, then the CORSAIR M65 PRO RGB is the best computer mouse for you. Its technology makes it super smooth to use at high speed levels. It also has a 12000 DPI sensor for high accuracy purposes. This is pretty much one of the top picks for gamers. And you will able to get this for only $60.

Key Features

  • Powered with corsair utility engine
  • A Grade Aluminum Structure
  • unconventional weight tuning system
  • specialized sniper button
  • Advanced Optical Sensor with 12000DPI

Why Buy This?

Rock-solid body

This CORSAIR M65 PRO RGB gaming mouse allows you to program up to 8 buttons, and comes at a very reasonable price. This is not only comfortable when you play but also durable as it is made with aircraft-grade aluminum minimizing weight and improving strength, while the advanced weight tuning technology ensures the reacts the way you want it to. All this features and great looks that make this on the top.

Snipe like never before

With it’s (Specialized Sniping Button) on the side, which makes this is a great choice if you are into FPS games, like CS, PUBG or even Metal Gear Solid V. It has everything you need to be the best sniper out there. The DPI settings can also be set according to your preferences.

Track them right away

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB offers you a great level of precision and accuracy. The 12000 DPI optical sensor will provide an exceptional tracking performance on pads and is very responsive to fast movements. This technology is also great for the FPS players because of the need for a quick reaction time. There is no way to compare the advantage having a 12000 DPI optical sensor provides. It gives you the ability to move precisely and take aim quickly. Providing you with all the required information to make important in-game decisions quickly.

Friction? What’s That?

Equipped with extra-large glide pads, this mouse can move quickly around the mousepad. You will able to hardly feel any friction. So getting stuck in the mousepad and being killed for no apparent reason, this kind of problem will be easily removed from your gameplay after getting this.

  • Lag free
  • Best for sniping
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Side panel edges can bother the user
  • No carrying case

Our Thoughts

For gamers, the CORSAIR M65 PRO RGB is an excellent choice. With its high sensitivity and adjustable weight system, this is a versatile professional gaming tool. As a gaming mouse, the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is perfect for FPS games. With 8 buttons, effortless DPI adjustment, and a dedicated sniper button, this is ideal for professionals.

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