News | Climate Change Causes Extensive Coral Bleaching In Andamans

Climate change it has caused extensive coral bleaching in the andaman sea in a study carried out by scientists from the zoological survey of india or the zsi. It has been found that nearly 84 percent of the corals in andaman have been bleached. The director of zsi has said that the widespread coral bleaching has occurred because of the el nino event that led to increased sea surface temperatures in 2016.

Now this occurs right irregularly from two years to a decade and no two occurrences are exactly alike. So it’s hard to study this as well the phenomenon refers to warming of the ocean surface or above average sea surface temperatures. 2020 represented a gradual decrease in the life cover of hard coral from 32 percent to 1978-2019.

El nino has been a responsible for major coral bleaching events throughout the globe. Fragile natural ecosystems they are interconnected, they’re dependent on each other. Mangrove forests are thought to buffer the heat waves and keep the coral healthy. Mangroves help purify the water, here absorb carbon dioxide, however not enough studies have been conducted on this so far.

Coral reefs they are the vital for a conducive habitat coastal protection providing economic support to coastal populations and the development of tourism. Scientists have found that less than a quarter of the bleached coral recovered while the remaining bleached coral that has perished completely.

The fragile ecosystem in which the coral thrives requires to be protected from the threat of extinction.

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