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Are you looking for the Bluehost Hosting Review?. or Do you have a question related to Is Bluehost The Best Web Host? If so then this blog will help you to end your curiosity about Bluehost. In this Blog i will explain everything about Bluehost which i think you need to know before you buy any products from Bluehost. In this blog you will find the honest review, i would highly recommend you to read the full blog so that you can make your decision whether you should go with Bluehost or not.

Hosting and General Info Overview

Our Rating:Our Verdict: (5 Star)
FEATURES:WordPress 1-Click Install, Domain Privacy, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Spam Experts, Free SSL Certificate, Free CDN, Free Domain for 1st Year, Unmetered bandwidth, Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Storage.
APPS:Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and 75+ Open Source Projects.
HOSTING PLANS:Shared, Reseller, VPS, WordPress and Dedicated Servers.
WEBSITE TRANSFER:Single(1) WordPress webSite for Free.
UPTIME:99.96% April to March (2020-2021).
SPEED:688 ms April to March (2020-2021).
SUPPORT:Knowledge Base, 24/7 Live Chat, Email, Phone.
PRICING:Starting with $2.75/mo.

Bluehost Web Hosting Company Introduction

Bluehost started their company in 2003 and has since become one of the world’s most reliable and affordable web hosting providers. They offers a variety of products and services to help you get started with your online shop or website: from shared and WordPress web hosting to website builder tools. They have a special focus on digital marketing and small business training needs. Their low-price web hosting packages come with free global CDN, SSL certificates and unmetered bandwidth etc. You will find their cheapest web hosting plan at $2.75/mo.

Bluehost is known for being one of the most well-known web hosting companies because of its availability, excellent price, amazing performance and really new friendships. It also has 3 hosting services officially recommended by WordPress and Dreamhost or Siteground. But it will not be a good choice for everyone. After using it for over 5 years now I have learned the best and the worst. In this blog I will not only describe the features of Bluehost and how they are performed in the real world. And I will also compare them to the competition and help you to further decide whether it can be the best web hosting company for you or not.

Bluehost cPanel

All the shared hosting packages in Bluehost come with the beautiful Control Panel.

So in terms of user friendliness, this is due to the features that distinguish it. Since they make it really easy to manage any website, Even if you have a website for the first time. they uses a cPanel which is a web hosting control panel that offers changes to migration options. For example: Apps for automatic billing, Apps to track marketing metrics such as the number of clicks on your website and You can add email auto responder. You can also install content management systems other then wordpress such as drupal and joomla.

Basically they makes it easy and convenient to add any additional plugins and apps Which adds more features to your website and helps improve your website visitors experience. And on the performance page at Bluehost cPanel you can change the cache settings which will basically allows you to delete the data stored on your website so that it loads faster. And then the settings page gives you an overview of some updates that have happened or haven’t happened yet. You can also manage your content such as your blogs, For example: you can moderate your comments which you’ve received on your website blog pages, you don’t need to log in to each of your websites individually. And in terms of performance, this is a very important piece of information. The most important feature of a perfect web hosting company. This ultimately means a better user experience, which means Google will give you more advantage in search results. And as a result it means that your website will get more visitors.

So it has one of the fastest loading times compared to other hosting companies, averaging 2.89 seconds and Then the second factor is uptime. It measures the amount of time your website is running and running and is usually shown as a percentage. Here again, Bluehost is the best with an uptime of 99.98% in one year. And each hosting company is experiencing some downtime, Bluehost is one of the best things about this.

In addition to the performance, a number of other things done with them make it a great value. For example: Regardless of which hosting plan you choose, no matter they all include at least one free domain name for the first year, five free email accounts and a free SSL certificate. they also has a one-click WordPress installation that is simple and easy to use. And besides, one of the things that primarily makes it great is that it gives you a checklist of everything you need, like organizing your site navigation or customizing your design. Also, everyone is given unrestricted bandwidth which means you will not be charged based on the amount of bandwidth you use.

What Is the Control Panel For?

The cPanel (control panel) is where you go to for managing everything which related to your website’s hosting/accounts, including your website domain name management (transfers, registration, hosting or renewals), inbox/email address configuration, and billing/payments for the services you receive.

Easy to Manage Your Services

This means you will get a unified login details (one password and username combination will give you full access to your all Bluehost accounts), integration with hotlinks to Bluehost’s help features/technical support resources, easy upgrades, scalability, email management features and full-featured domain, so that you can easily make changes to your web hosting that backs your website.

Bluehost web hosting company provides 24/7 365 day customer support, including assisting with your dream WordPress website launches.

Grow Your Business With Thousands of Apps

With Bluehost web hosting company, you will get the smooth and an easy time building, managing your website and customizing, whether you are totally new in this field who needs an experienced person or a bit of hand holding.

Different Ways to Create a Website

When you will go for creating a website, you will get the option such as WordPress content management platform, the goMobi Mobile Web Builder, the Weebly website builder or uploading files using File Manager or FTP.

Do More With Your Website

With your cPanel, you will get the one-click access to thousands of plugin/add-ons/apps in the Marketplace, which something called MOJO Marketplace. These plugin/add-ons/apps include themes (If you want to change the design of your website) and some other website builders which will help you a lot.

Plugin/add-ons/apps these can be used to increase the functionality of your website. For example:

  • Add image gallery, calendar
  • Plugin for Hotel booking
  • Create customer forums
  • Integrate your website with CRM
  • Allow customers to pay by Text Message (SMS)
  • Ticketing and event Registration
  • Display a pricing table
  • An app to creating and selling online courses.

All hosting packages plan in Bluehost come with 30-day money-back guarantee.

Also You can purchase professional services like:

  • Graphic design related services such as brands, posters, flyers and more
  • You can get website technical work like blog set up, adding Google Analytics, PayPal integration or a map to your website etc.

Features, Hosting Types and Plans

This company will provide you with more than what you can expect normally from bargaining-prices web hosting plans.

Below are some of the top Bluehost features which you will definitely like:

  • Free website builders.
  • Dozens of website tool add-ons which will help you a lot.
  • Very easy-to-use, Beautiful customized cPanel.
  • Totally, free a SSL certificate.
  • Cloudflare integration (It will speed up your website loading times).
  • Technology to support you for fastest page loading times.
  • 99.99% Uptime, This is really great.
  • Free Business email or domain specific email addresses.
  • You will definitely get the average security features for your website.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Comparison

Regular Price:$7.99 Per Month.$10.99 Per Month.$14.99 Per Month.$23.99 Per Month.
Discounted Price:$2.75 Per Month.$4.95 Per Month.$5.45 Per Month.$13.95 Per Month.
Email accounts:Five.Unlimited.Unlimited.Unlimited.
Extras:Free website builder and Free domain for 1st year.1 Spam Experts, Free website builder and Free domain.1 Spam Experts, Free website builder, Free domain, 1 website Backup Pro and 1 Domain Privacy.2 Spam Experts, Free website builder, Free domain, 1 website Backup Pro, 1 Domain Privacy and Dedicated IP.
Email storage:100 MB per account.Unlimited.Unlimited.Unlimited.
Disk space:50 GigaByte (GB).Unlimited.Unlimited.Unlimited.

Basic shared web hosting packages include unlimited monthly data transfers, free domain name for the first year, 50GB of storage, SSL certificate, free domain name transfer and ability to host one website.

Plus package starts with $4.95 and adds unlimited websites, anti-spam tool, unlimited mailboxes and unlimited storage features.

Choice Plus hosting plan includes Codeguard Basic and domain privacy. And the Pro hosting plan adds a dedicated IP address for you.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting Packages

This trend of affordable hosting prices is less than other web hosting plans. They offers options like monthly data transfers capped at 1 TB, 2 GB memory, 2 CPU cores and Linux-based VPS hosting plan with 30 GB SSD storage.

Their dedicated hosting server starter plan comes with 4 TB of monthly data transfer, 500 GB SSD RAID storage, 4 GB of RAM, 4 CPU core, and a Linux operating system.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

In Bluehost website you will find three categories “WordPress Hosting”. The first hosting category is more or less just like their shared hosting plans. And the second category is their “WP Pro” plan.

WP Pro focuses on providing the best hosting and related services that provide security, optimal speed and ease of use for WordPress website owners.

Choose From Three Packages

Their three Optimized WordPress web hosting packages are called:

  • Scale
  • Grow
  • Build.

They all run on VPS.

This Is Managed Hosting

They come with different features including plug-in updates, automatic website backups, enhanced cPanel, Free CDN, pre-installed CMS, among others.

They reports that these WordPress plans are “managed” hosting, adding that our users have SSH access to virtual instances. Our support technicians ensure that servers are always online and always available to users. “

E-Commerce Hosting for WordPress

If you already have the WooCommerce WordPress Store running, Or want to create one with your Bluehost account then you can go with their “E-commerce” hosting, Which you can find under their “WordPress Hosting” menu. This is their third type of WordPress web hosting offered by Bluehost company.

You will get:

  • Onboarding call (Free)
  • dedicated IP address (Free)
  • WooCommerce store-front pre-installed.

Bluehost Web Hosting Pricing Plan

Here is a snapshot of the price page at the time of writing:

Bluehost Pricing Plan Snapshot
Bluehost Pricing Plan Snapshot From Bluehost Website

Note: Please keep in mind that price can be up and down. So i would highly recommend you to check the current pricing plan from here:

Pricing is another area where they shows its value as a hosting company. I will highlight some of the most important and crucial points in this review. But when it comes to choosing the right plan it is important to understand that your pricing plan will be greatly affected by whether it is a dedicated hosting plan or a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting means you are sharing your hosting space with other websites where dedicated hosting means you will get your own hosting space. The benefit of shared hosting plan is that is cheaper then dedicated hosting plan. The downside is that it doesn’t have a much performance, security or speed but Remember that 95% of people use these shared hosting plans with Bluehost. And these are the plans i have continuously use for the past 5 years for my own websites and they still perform really well.

Now the cheapest shared hosting plan offered by Bluehost starts at $ 2.95 / mo . There is also a Choice and Plus hosting plan which cost $5.45/mo. The main difference is that Choice Plus will give you some more protection for your website. The renewal price for Choice Plus is a few more dollars per month. So i would highly recommend you to start with Choice Plus plan and then you can always downgrade to the Plus plan when your renewal happens. If you don’t want to pay the extra fee per month for additional security. Also keep in mind that when you see something from Bluehost talking about their shared WordPress hosting plans, it’s exactly the same thing as their regular hosting plans. They just use it for marketing to attract those who use WordPress firmly.

So alternately the plan i would highly recommend most people to start, that is either the Basic or Choice Plus plan. If you just want hosting plan for your one website then you can go with the basic hosting plan. Otherwise Choice Plus let you have Unmetered Website Space, unlimited Website, Unlimited Email Storage and Unlimited Email Account for only at $5.45/mo*. And of course whatever hosting plan you start, you can very easily downgrade or upgrade the hosting plan without any problem whenever you think that you need to change the hosting plan.

So as great as Bluehost is There are several reasons why you might want to choose a different hosting service, first of all if you are a more advanced user, then i hope you may find the mobile support with Bluehost to at times not be as knowledgeable as you may like. So for the kind of person who knows a lot more when it comes to web hosting, then you might want to go with a different option like Siteground. Siteground is especially friendly and helpful for those who are less experienced compared to Bluehost. They are more knowledgeable on average, which can make them better for those who knows what question to ask.

Bluehost Customer Support

One of my most favorite things about Bluehost web hosting company is their customer support. Out of all the web hosting companies, Bluehost has impressed me the most. specially how great their support is particularly over the phone which i can’t explain in a few words. I had a number of legendary support situations that literally brought me to higher management, because I was so fascinated. Because in this days it is especially unique to find a companies that not only hires great people who genuinely care about helping you But then that company gives those people the power to do everything they can to take care of you.

if you’ve been in a situation where you’re stuck trying to figure out what’s wrong with your website, You know how important that kind of support can be. So Their customer support team is available 24/7 by phone or you can chat or email with them by prefer.

Bluehost Website Migration

Currently Bluehost isn’t offering any free website Migration. But you can Migrate Your website by yourself or if you are not a technical person, then you can offer someone to do it for you. If you want to do your website Migration by Bluehost then Bluehost will take ontime fee which is something like $149.99. which will cover upto 5 different websites and migration process can be done with different web hosting company.

Bluehost Website Backups

Unfortunately right now Bluehost doesn’t offer any Automatic website Backups. But keep in mind that the good news is this is easy enough to get your website Backup through the third party Apps/Plugins or Services. So don’t worry about your website backup issue. But if it is something like you want your hosting company provide you the Automatic Website Backups, then you can go with a different option. But otherwise the reason I have been using Bluehost incessantly for so many years is because of the incredible value and exceptional support they have given me over the past 5 years.

What Is Bluehost?

What is Bluehost

Bluehost is a huge web host known for its WordPress skills, various “one-stop-shop” bargaining and services. It has some engineers who work on the WordPress core software themselves.

Corporate History

Bluehost company was founded in 2003 by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Utah, Bluehost was acquired in 2010 by conglomerate Endurance International Group (EIG). Suhaib Zaheer were become the CEO in the year of 2017. Now they are officially located in Burlington, MA. They currently host more than 2 million plus websites.

What Makes Bluehost Stand Out?

There are a lot of bargaining hosts. But what’s the big picture of Bluehost’s offers?

More Than Shared Hosting

This hosting company offers almost every web hosting services, Which i think you may need including advanced hosting like dedicated server, WordPress hosting and VPS. The “managed” section means they handle technical details, such as updating the core, keeping those annoying WordPress plugins updated for you, improving the performance and managing security.

Affordable Results

The good news is that some critical services like digital marketing can be offered and purchased at bargain prices. This is a key part of Bluehost’s strategy. Here below are some of their services:

  • Websites: You can use their simple DIY website builder to make your own site or you can get their pros design to build your own site for you.
  • Local business visibility, social media marketing, advertising and SEO: Bluehost can provides you professional marketing services, which include creating perfect content for your website. You will able to get monthly consultations services with a perfect marketing professional. And also they measure progress so that you can able to see your ROI.
  • Helpful tutorials, Domains and Email: This section is Include for about how-tos on website management, marketing topics, and hosting.

One-Stop-Shop for Small Businesses

Services like digital marketing can easily cost up to five figures per project. There is a lot of false and outdated information on the website about marketing strategies you should use. Add to the mix the numerous requests that small business owners receive and the result can be lack of progress and frustration.

Additionally, Bluehost boasts of perfect uptime, a totally clean intuitive control panel which is commonly called cPanel by every website owners, that allows you to create functional and attractive pages for your business website. So, if you are a business website owner, or you need one, then Bluehost is a solid web hosting company that’s worth checking out. Read the following Bluehost review to find out what to expect from this web hosting provider.

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