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Are you looking about the best widget apps for android? If so, then this blog is written for you. In this blog you will get knowledge about the best widget apps for Android. Why we need widget apps in our android devices?. Basically we use Widget Apps to enhance the beauty of the homescreen of our Android Phones. If you search for widget apps on the internet, then you will find a lot of widget apps, but you will not know which are the best widget apps. If you read this blog completely, then you will easily know which widget apps are the best. In this blog we have discussed the best widget apps which will enhance the beauty of your phone’s homescreen. So below is the list and discussion of the best widget apps. Please read the full blog to get some knowledge about the best widget apps:

  • Month Calendar Widget
  • Kwgt Kustom Widget Maker
  • Chronus Information Widgets
  • Battery Widget Reborn
  • Time Until
  • 1Weather

1. Month Calendar Widget

Month Calendar Widget is much like the other calendar widget app that contains modern and intuitive ui with material design. You can create widgets specifically for your agenda as well as any other upcoming events you might have. You can quickly browse your agenda to-do list from widget this app is free to use with a limited number of themes.

Install Month Calendar Widget App From Google Play Store

2. Kwgt Kustom Widget Maker

Kwgt is one of the few that has made your android widgets. Uses the wizard editor which makes it a little easier than one might think you can do to make a variety of things and make it look almost whatever you want. Including zooper tasker support and other applications. Some of the features you may have on display include system details such as cpu speed, network statistics, time, battery, date, countdown, traffic details following alarm location and more. This is very powerful but it is a work in progress that you get with many widgets in our knowledge one of the very few custom widget apps that are still running. Zooper is another option but has not received any updates.

Install Kwgt Kustom Widget Maker App From Google Play Store

3. Chronus Information Widgets

Chronus Information Widgets is a collection of decent widgets on your home screen. Including clock and weather widgets and other news widgets and more. Many widgets are customized and can work with most home screens. There is wear os support if you need that. The pro version adds a few extra features like google fit support and reddit support for news widgets. It is a practical method that should work well for most people.

Install Chronus Information Widgets App From Google Play Store

4. Battery Widget Reborn

The Battery Widget Reborn is among the best android widgets for battery meters. It provides a single round battery widget. You can change the color and size to match your theme and home screen layout. The app itself comes with battery information shortcuts for things like wi-fi and bluetooth settings and even gives you charts to show detailed battery performance. It is not a very complicated thing. However, in a time when smartphone makers do not always allow you to enable a percentage of status bar apps such as Battery Widget Reborn is still in use.

Install Battery Widget Reborn App From Google Play Store

5. Time Until

Time Until a fun app with decent little widgets. It’s a time calculator app that you use for things like holidays birthdays special events or anything you may need to count down. You can set it down for a second, minute, hour, day, week or month and it also takes working days to look for small but effective widgets. You can select a background for your photos if you want or use a solid color and they come in different sizes for your convenience. Not the most popular use of the widget but the time until it becomes easy to be one of the best countdown timer widgets.

Install Time Until App From Google Play Store

6. 1Weather

1Weather is obviously one of the best weather apps available. It’s Android widgets are not very good. Requests old style flip clock and weather style that adorned htc sense devices and is customizable. Click on the clock section takes you to your alarm map by clicking on the weather section to take you to the main 1weather interface. There are also weather widgets that provide a good amount of information. It’s free to use all paid versions to remove ads.

Install 1Weather App From Google Play Store

Hopefully after reading the above discussion you will able to easily download and install the best widget apps for Android of your choice. So download your favorite Widget app and then install it in your Android phone and enhance the beauty of your phone homescreen.

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