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Are you searching for the Best Robocall Blocker App? If so, then don’t worry! In this blog you will find the Best Robocall Blocker App which will worked perfectly without any problem. If you search for Robocalls Blocker apps on the internet, then you will find a lot of Robocall Blocker apps, but you will not know which are the best robocall blocker apps. But i hope if you read this blog, then you will easily know which Robocall Blocker apps are the best. In this blog we have discussed the Best Robocall blocker apps which will help you to stop spam calls easily. So below is the list and discussion of how you can stop spam calls with these Robocall Blocker Apps. Please read this full blog to get some idea about the best Robocall Blocker apps:

  • Should I Answer?
  • Hiya Caller ID & Block
  • Call Control
  • Calls Blacklist
  • Truecaller

1. Should I Answer?

Which has a large database built up by their community where users can anonymously rate and review numbers based on real phone calls. When you receive an incoming call it will show you the rating of that number. The category which in this instance is a scam call along with the community ratings. Green is positive yellow is neutral and red is negative. When looking at your call logs tapping on any phone number will take you to the screen. Where you can choose to block that number give it a rating and check out other reviews from the community. Let’s take a quick look at the settings on iOS and Android when you’re not using a third-party app your options are limited. With should I answer there are several settings that you can change. I choose to leave all of the notifications turned on below that in the blocking section you can choose the community database sensitivity. The default is standard protection. Which has a low possibility of false positives. Below that you can choose the type of incoming calls that you would like to block. I choose to turn all of these on except for numbers not stored in contacts and foreign numbers. For block outgoing calls I leave these turned off. But if you share your phone with others you might want to turn some of these on to block SMS and MMS. This requires a compatible SMS manager they recommend QK SMS. If you have an issue with spam messages you might want to install this app and enable the message blocking features in the should I answer settings. Should I answer does not upload your contacts and it works offline on Android it’s my top recommendation. It’s completely free and has a rating of 4.8 on iOS it’s a different story if you want to use the full service it cost a $99 per month. understandably iPhone users are not happy about this and that’s reflected in the overall review score.

Install Should I Answer App From Google Play Store

2. Hiya Caller ID & Block

Hiya App being one of the most popular and well-known call blockers. It features one of the largest databases containing hundreds of millions of numbers. If you’re on iOS this is my recommendation for you. They do offer a premium version but it’s not needed to take advantage of the key features. Whether you’re on Android or iOS. Be advised that Hiya does collect a lot of information. On a positive note they don’t sell your phone information to third parties. Hiya also owns another app available in both stores called mr. number. They’re essentially the same app with all the same features. So if you have any issues running high on your phone you might want to try mr. number instead.

Install Hiya - Caller ID & Block App From Google Play Store

3. Call Control

This is another great app for blocking calls with a huge database of users. It features a simplistic user interface and it’s lookup tool for checking suspicious numbers it’s very useful it’s available for both Android and iOS.

Install Call Control - Call Blocker App From Google Play Store

4. Calls Blacklist

In addition to the familiar features it allows you to create a blacklist and whitelist inside the app. The free version of Calls Blacklist is ad supported. Their paid version Calls Blacklist Pro for $99 removes the ads. And offers password protection if you’re concerned about privacy.

Install Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker App From Google Play Store

5. Truecaller

Available for both iOS and Android is the most used call blocking app. It works great and has a huge database with millions of users. But it’s the absolute worst on this list for privacy. It collects a massive amount of personal information and unlike the other apps mentioned. It shares that data with third parties even though it’s a useful app for blocking calls. I can’t recommend truecaller based on its privacy issues.

Install Truecaller App From Google Play Store

With so many call blocking apps for you to choose from I’d highly recommend that you read over the privacy policy of any app before you install. The reason I use (should I answer? app) is simple. It offers one of the best privacy policies of any call blocking app.

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