Best Halal Restaurants of the World

Are you searching about Best Halal Restaurants of the World? If so, then in this blog you will get help about find out the Best Halal Restaurants of the World. So below is a discussion of the Best 11 Halal Restaurants of the World:

  • Al Tazaj
  • BBQ Tonight
  • Hearfy
  • The Halal Guys
  • Al Baik
  • Dishoom Shoreditch
  • Nafeesa Unique Bites
  • The Bosporus
  • Cona Restaurant
  • Dubai Sauce
  • Paprika Halal Restaurant

1. Al Tazaj

Al Tazaj has established itself throughout the Middle East with over 100 restaurants. This restaurant started in 1989 in the holy city of Mecca. As a small chicken restaurant since then this restaurant has grown tremendously with the use of high quality ingredients from natural sources. Tazaj has created the best halal restaurant in world history.

2. BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight has been serving deliciously in 14 different places around the world. They serve authentic Pakistani dishes that are famous for their unique spices and delicious flavors.

3. Hearfy

Hearfy is a network of world-class restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Their view of sustainable development their restaurants are now recognized around the world. The hearfy menu has a variety of options from their sandwiches to their Arabian sweets.

4. The Halal Guys

Halal Guys are a collection of world-famous restaurants. Began in 1990 as a New York food truck. Has turned into an international food chain. The famous falafel and the secret garlic sauce have made its way around social media making them feel all over the world.

5. Al Baik

Al Baik is a fast food chain all over Saudi Arabia. The restaurant offers high quality food at amazing prices. The base of the company is built on solid prices and strict standards of food and cooking.

6. Dishoom Shoreditch

Located on a border road in London England. Dishoom has the most delicious Oriental food with flavors from Pakistani, Indian and Arab cuisine.

7. Nafeesa Unique Bites

Located in Philadelphia. Matt focuses on poutines and slides. This is a great place to bring your family and friends to indulge in delicious food.

8. The Bosporus

Bosporus offers the people of Dubai delicious Turkish food. Whether you want a bold steak or donor sandwich. This restaurant will satisfy you like any other.

9. Cona Restaurant

Located in bradford USA. Cona has become a blend of meat and sophistication. Cona focuses on providing natural beef cuts.

10. Dubai Sauce

Dubai Sauce is in central california. provides 100% food for Los Angeles residents. this restaurant is a Mediterranean Grill full of delicious Middle Eastern flavors.

11. Paprika Halal Restaurant

Paprika provides authentic American food while incorporating halal blends. The menu contains sandwiches, salads and many other delicious dishes made from American cuisine.

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