9 Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great!

Are you searching for the Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great?. If so, then this blog will help you to get the best 9 Android Apps That Are Amazingly Great. So below is a list of the apps and how these apps can help you is discussed. So read this complete blog to know the Amazing Android apps:

  • Music Maker Jam
  • Memrise
  • Open Camera
  • Flipboard
  • Quick
  • HERE WeGo
  • Treehouse
  • Eventbrite
  • Drupe

1. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a popular app for those of you that want to create your own music. When you open the app you can scroll down to listen to other creations or to make your own creation just tap on the music maker jam icon at the top. This is where all the magic happens to edit your music. You’ll have a ton of loops beats and melodies to start mixing your track. And you can also record your voice to be used in the track. When you install and first launch the app they’re nice enough to give you a tutorial to learn how to use it. Music Maker Jam is a great app for creating music. It’s free and offers in-app purchases.

Install Music Maker JAM - Song & Beatmaker App From Google Play Store

2. Memrise

Memrise is a language learning app. That was one of the winners at the 2017 Google Play Awards. Many people actually prefer this app over other language learning apps like duolingo and babble. When you launch the app you’re asked which language you would like to learn. There are a bunch of languages to choose from. Select languages then tap on beginner. It’ll show some fancy graphics and when you get through all that. Just follow the on-screen instructions if you want to learn how to speak a new language give memrise a try.

Install Memrise Language Learning - Fun & Free Lessons App From Google Play Store

3. Open Camera

Open Camera is as the name suggests a camera app with a lot more features than what is usually pre-installed on your phone or tablet. It has a lot of options that you can play around with including the option to take photos remotely by using voice commands or by making any other noise like whistling. Also if you go into settings there are a lot of default settings That can be changed. Open Camera is fully featured and completely free. So if you’re still using the stock camera app that came with your phone or tablet this is one you should consider.

Install Open Camera App From Google Play Store

4. Flipboard

Which takes news from many different sources and compiles them all into a single app. This popular app has a great-looking user interface. When you swipe up it goes to the next story. Just tap on the article if you want to read more. Back on the home page in the heading at the top you’ll have cover stories which is the main page. You can also add headings with your interests. To add more interests go to the what’s your passion head. Select an interest you can add more subcategories. When done hit save. If you are news chunky Flipboard is a must have app.

Install Flipboard News For Any Topic App From Google Play Store

5. Quick

Quick which is a video editor created by GoPro. It works with your photos and pictures captured by your phone or any other device. You don’t need to have a GoPro camera to use quick. When you open the app tap on create a new video and then just go through all your pictures and video to select the ones you want to use for your project. So select a photo/video. when you’re ready tap on the checkmark. It’s gonna ask you to name your project so name it whatever you want. Then tap on continue it will automatically create a video for you with music. If you don’t like the video that was Auto created. You can edit the video to your liking and there are a ton of settings that you can choose to. You can choose from more than 80 free songs in the app or music from your collection. Your finished videos can be saved in formats up to 1080p with 60 frames per second. Quick is one of the best video editors you can get in the store. Best of all it’s completely free this is one you should definitely check out.

Install GoPro Quik Video + Photo Editor App From Google Play Store

6. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo maps a navigation app. Which for the longest time used to be owned by nokia. HERE WeGo it has reliable navigation it has offline maps which can be downloaded and real-time public transportation options for those of you that live in the city.

Install HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation App From Google Play Store

7. Treehouse

Treehouse is another programming app like solo learn. That can help you learn the basics of programming for those of you. Starting out there are several coding languages to choose from with more than 150 courses. Once you get logged into the app it’ll take you through several screens to help you get started. Once that’s done you can get started on your course. Also you can watch videos complete coding challenges and take quizzes in the app. Unlike other programming apps treehouse is not free. They do offer a 7-day free trial after that plans started $25 per month.

8. Eventbrite

Eventbrite lets you discover popular events taking place in your area. For example the list concert sport events festivals free events and more. When you open the app it will show you events based on your interests. If you select popular at the top of the page it will show you the most popular events taking place in your area. There’s a small map icon in the upper right if you select that it will show you a detailed map of all the events. That will be taking place Eventbrite is free and tickets for certain events can be purchased within the app.

Install Eventbrite - Discover Popular Events & Nearby Fun App From Google Play Store

9. Drupe

It’s a smart dialer with a built-in call recorder and it has a smart caller ID tracker and blocker. Which comes in handy. If you have to deal with telemarketers this one I can’t demonstrate without exposing my contact list to everyone. So I would suggest watching the video for drupe on the Google Play Store to learn more.

Install Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID Drupe App From Google Play Store

Hope this blog has helped you to know about the amazing apps for Android phones. So download these Amazing android apps and get a great experience with these amazing Android apps.

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